What Is An Automatic Dialer And How Do You Use It In A Business Setting

Auto dialers are electronic devices that get numbers from a list and dial all of them automatically. Depending on how a business uses them, upon the call was answered, auto dialers may either connect to a live agent or to an IVR or interactive voice response system.

Basically, an auto dialer comes in various forms and does various functions, like having the commonality of calling a telephone number automatically. Usually, auto dialers may come in handy to save more time dialing and to avoid inefficiency when communicating with customers

Different Types Of Automatic Dialer

There are several types of an automatic dialer available in the market that businesses may use for various purposes. Such types include the following:

  • Preview Dialer

One of the popular auto dialers is a preview dialer, which helps in complex sales. With this, agents have to review the conversation history and previous notes. It can also be essential in doing follow-ups. More often than not, preview dialers are used when agents require more time to research contact numbers before making calls.

  • Predictive Dialer

It skips unanswered calls, fax machines, bad numbers, and busy signals. Agents are expected to make more calls per hour with the use of a good quality predictive dialer from providers like Call Cowboy.

A predictive dialer can also make a huge volume of calls in a short period of time since it may dial some numbers simultaneously. It also uses predictive and machine learning algorithms to know more about the previous calls made by your business team and adjust the dialing rate.

  • Robo Dialer

It’s very time-efficient and primarily used by some businesses for sending product reminders or updates. With a robo dialer, you may record messages beforehand and send them to everyone in your contact list without the need to wait for another phone line to be free.

Users may also set up a functionality with robo dialer, like Press 1, so automated calls may connect the contacts directly to live representatives or collect some contact responses. See to it that you’re also aware of the telecom regulations that surround the robo calls. Such exist and may differ depending on where your business is located.

  • Power Dialer

Using a power dialer may provide you some helpful options, like leaving a pre-recorded voicemail. It also skips unanswered calls and busy numbers, and ensures that the agents are available once the calls get connected.

With a power dialer, agents are also expected to make at least 70 calls every hour since it only dials one telephone number before dialing another from your list. Oftentimes, power dialers are used when agents like to spend more time to personalize calls. Many power dialers enable users to adjust the dial rates to allow assigning more than a single contact per individual and increase the speed of the calling process.

How Do Auto Dialers Work?

There must be a computer operating the software, a voice modem, active telephone line, and a person answering phones in order for an automatic dialer to work. The voice modem enables the computer to play the recorded audio over the telephone lines. However, if you’re using VoIP, you might not need any equipment.

Sometimes, auto dialers also have voice detection software, which is designed to recognize whether or not one is a voice mailbox or an actual person. In this case, an auto dialer takes an appropriate action through routing the call to a live operator or a recorded message. If there’s no live operator at the moment, it’ll play the recorded message and put the caller on hold.

The software that comes with auto dialers also compiles the statistics based on how long the calls last, whether the phone is answered by a voicemail or a person, and some information. Based on the data gathered, auto dialers use what’s known as predictive dialing to make the calls before the agent has hung up the phone.

How Do You Use An Automatic Dialer For Your Business?

There are many ways you can use your automatic dialer for your business to provide good customer service, and these include the following:

  1. Use Auto Dialers To Improve Your Marketing And Sales Efforts

While calling customers manually, your agents often lack the necessary information to engage the customers. Thus, they might find it challenging to boost sales and conversions.

Auto dialers also help marketing professionals and sales representatives to access updated customer information before making any outbound calls. They may also leverage the updated customer information for personalized interaction with customers and close sales successfully. Some businesses also leverage auto dialers to improve their marketing, collection, and sales efforts.

  1. Use Auto Dialers For Lead Generation

Businesses may use auto dialers to maximize the number of call connections. They provide your agents a good chance to close leads. An auto dialer can also be a powerful tool to improve your sales leads. Moreover, agents may use it to gather information regarding a contact before making calls to help them make more personalized conversations. Personalization may go a long way in increasing the chances of converting leads and customer engagement.

  1. Use Auto Dialers For Improving Agent Efficiency And Productivity

Having auto dialers may increase your agents’ talk times. On the contrary, sales teams that still do manual dialing may only have an average talk time of at least 15 minutes every hour. Most of the time will be spent on follow-up calls, callbacks, listening to busy tones, and leaving voicemails. With auto dialers, agents can easily close sales, which may result in an increased business revenue.

  1. Use Auto Dialers To Improve Agent Morale

Auto dialers, basically, help agents be more successful in closing sales. They also make it possible for agents to earn more commissions. Such things contribute to good agent morale. So, whether your business is doing outbound selling, sales, debt collection, or inbound selling, your team’s morale is very important.

Auto dialers strip away any repetitive tasks, such as dispositioning calls manually, listening to an endless ringtone, and dialing telephone numbers. With this, an auto dialer gets rid of mundane within your company team, improving your agent morale.

  1. Use Auto Dialers For Building Consistent And Professional Brand

Varying performance levels in your business’s call center may result in an inconsistent service. It may also result in a bad feeling within your sales team, which may just increase staff churn.

The issue is that it can be challenging to stick to your service level target when it comes to outbound calls. The reason behind it is that individual supervisors and agents have varying levels of motivation, capability, and experience.

The use of auto dialers also forces discipline into the team and smooths out inconsistencies through the process of dialing. The more consistent the team is in connecting with customers and prospects, the more successful your efforts on building a brand will be.

  1. Use Auto Dialers For Keeping Updated Data

Generally, getting access to data needs to be quick, most particularly if it consists of leads. Auto dialers may work its way through any data in a quick manner. They may also ensure that leads are fresh and update data through an automatic process.

Usually, auto dialers take advantage of database synchronization. You may also use them to ensure that a big percentage of the leads are followed up quickly and professionally, which may increase the lead and sale conversion rates of your company. They also automate the process of recycling unanswered calls, voicemails, and busy numbers.

  1. Use Auto Dialer To Boost Call Personalization

Personalization focuses on inbound rather than outbound sales. Agents who deal with inbound sales in your business must have tailor-made responses to fit the needs of customers and prospects. The only problem is that some sales agents lack data they require before making calls. Fortunately, with the use of auto dialers, it’ll be much easier for agents to personalize a call based on the information gathered in the software.

  1. Use Auto Dialers To Improve Your Staff Retention Rates

Since auto dialers can improve agent morale, it may also result in happy employees, which can make a difference in your staff retention rate. If your agents are happy working with your company, chances are they’ll strive to do their work better to meet their quotas.

  1. Use Dialers To Deal With A New Product Sale Strategy

With the use of auto dialers, rebranding can be done quickly and monitoring of the results may also be done in real time. These days, a lot of businesses need to alter their sales strategy as the economy and trends in the market continue to change.

Since it takes a superior customer sales team and customer support to achieve success, auto dialers can make things much easier for you. The use of auto dialers also provides your supervisors the means to retrain agents as fast as possible with the use of live call coaching, scripting, and call recording.

  1. Use Auto Dialers To Get Real-Time Statistics Reporting

Businesses may use auto dialers to help agents understand statistics on a real-time basis even if there are some problems. It’s possible because of how auto dialers provide some custom reports. They also provide access to call recordings, providing you and your company’s managers the chance to check the performance of the agents. Auto dialers also have a user-friendly interface that’s easy to navigate.

  1. Use Auto Dialers To Get Rid Of Manual Dialing

When compared to the conventional telephony systems, auto dialers can help your business improve agent productivity and operational efficiency by getting rid of the manual dialing. Aside from automatic dialing of phone numbers, auto dialers can resolve the common problems of outbound call centers, such as additional wait time, misdialing, and call drops.

Auto dialers also come with features that detect voicemails, busy signals, Do Not Call numbers, and voicemails. Therefore, they route the calls that can be connected to human voice only.

  1. Use Auto Dialers For Detecting Answering Machines

When it comes to customer service calls, most agents will run into some unavailable numbers when dialed through a list of contacts with the use of sequential numbers. Oftentimes, there are also no indications that answering machines are answering calls—this is where auto dialers become of great help

As mentioned, one of the primary features of auto dialers is the ability to identify a live human from the answering machine or electronic device. They can also analyze incoming calls and make the decision as to whether they’re coming from a human or a machine. For this reason, auto dialers can lessen dialing those numbers, increase your customer service team’s efficiency, and reduce the necessary level of human intervention.

Why It’s Important To Use Auto Dialers For Your Business

When it comes to outbound selling, an auto dialer helps the sales agents in making and filtering calls, which get rid of the physical effort necessary for sales agents.

Auto dialers may work by identifying which calls were answered and which calls were transferred to the answering machines, as well as which calls weren’t answered at all. Calls that were answered are connected immediately to the open sales agents.

In other settings, auto dialers only dial a number upon detecting the end of the calls of agents. It helps in lessening the dead air periods after calls and increases the customer engagement rate.

In a customer care setting, auto dialers are basically used in customer satisfaction surveys. Upon the end of inbound care calls, auto dialers will dial the numbers of the customers and connect to the IVR system, which enables them to rate their assigned care representatives through a touch-tone system. With this, the business may be able to record and log any feedback problems in real time.


An automatic dialer is, no doubt, beneficial for many businesses as it makes telemarketing much simpler and easier. With the use of auto dialers, businesses don’t have to call contacts manually, saving them from any possible troubles caused by human errors. Such can also save you and your company a lot of money and time. Just make sure to use the right auto dialer or work with a good auto dialer service provider.

Jessie Wicks is a full-time blogger who writes business articles on his blog and submits business-related content to other websites, as well. Jessie is very interested to know how the business arena works, and has spent most of his years learning about it.


What Is An Automatic Dialer And How Do You Use It In A Business Setting

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