With gratitude and love- part 2

Last night my husband and I packed up our new Mercedes GLK, (certainly the budget buy for a high end line) a pumpkin pie for tomorrow’s dinner with the in-laws, our Sunday brunch clothes and Scooby and Lennon, our dogs.  We were scurrying to get out of Chicago and head to our lake house; our favorite place in the world to unwind.

This morning I woke up filled with gratitude for all the things in life I have been able to do and see. My soul will live forever with these memories. And yet, I also woke up feeling like jello at precisely the moment it sets-solid and more sure then ever that there really is a glass ceiling- a sound barrier-a seemingly insurmountable wall- for up and comers on the rise; especially women.

It is very difficult to recognize in oneself that there is very little you are not capable of- with support and nurturing- and yet no matter how many times you muster the courage to ask those truly capable of helping you on your journey, so few do.

The realization that you cannot catch a break, even with A1 pedigree- (can you imagine what those are experiencing without it?)- at first- points the finger back to you with a series of questions:  ‘Am I behaving improperly? Are my ideas TOO big to be credible? Am I too motivated? Too intense? Too much of a perfectionist? Is there such a thing as over communicating? Am I too alive????’ I know a lot of women just like me. It’s sad.

And then eventually, if you stay there long enough, you get really upset and agitated. You become prickly. Guarded. All because you realize your worth is not clear enough to those you trust enough to ask to help you. And for those who are able to see what you have to offer?  Those folks, not always, but far too often, either want to steal from you and run you dry or try and bury you as fast as possible so you don’t rise. (Yes, both of these kinds of power mongers are really still out there. They are the true monsters alive and walking amongst us in this world, I am sorry to say.)

But it all still reduces itself down, like a fine sauce, eventually, into great sadness in you and with the same thought:  ‘Why are the ones who are constantly learning and seeking to grow up, and release the bright light from within, why are these folks the ones struggling to find what they need to rise?’

It almost feels like you are living next to a sign that says ‘Here I am. My legacy is your lost opportunity.’

And then you realize that really it’s a shame to have to experience this at all. Why in the world would society be wanting to leave behind rich untapped- underutilized- resources? This. makes. no. sense. at. all.

Sometime before the last election, I remember something that Michelle Obama said when she was speaking to women about where this country is going. She said something like ‘maybe our work is to support the next generation. Maybe we won’t realize our dreams but let’s help them to find and realize their own because we can do that now.”  I agree wholeheartedly. IT IS TIME to get behind strong women and to help us rise.

I am so thankful to be living in this century on this day at this time. We live in a moment where it might just be possible for both creativity and women to rise simultaneously. Having lived in small business for decades in a ‘man’s world’ there are no words to express how thankful I am RIGHT NOW to be breathing and alive AND increasingly surrounded by amazing creative strong women.

Ladies and Gentleman, behind every strong woman is a strong man. It’s time to change the paradigm.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Lisa Canning 09
lisa canning

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“Vowels are to words what creativity is to the world~ basic and necessary.”

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With gratitude and love- part 2

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