Why You Should Start a Podcast as A Young Entrepreneur

Podcasting has become one of the greatest things to happen to marketing in the last couple of years. Sharing great content with your customers and engaging them on so many levels has never been easier. Here's why you should try it.

The technology is constantly changing and evolving in order to offer new possibilities and implementation of various platforms that can help a business grow. While it's true that the times we live in are extremely visual, podcasts have appeared as an excellent alternative to videos and have been only gaining attention in the past few years. Podcasts are very similar to radio shows, but with a twist - as they're way more available for mobile devices and you can choose when to listen to what.

Many businesses today have realized the power of podcasts and started using them to improve their chances on the market. With the increased usage of mobile devices, podcasts have more attention than ever before and we'll show you just how they can benefit your emerging business.

An Affordable Alternative to Video

In the recent years, with the rise of Instagram and Pinterest, it's become clear that images and videos are going to become the best way to reach consumers. However, video marketing is only effective when done professionally and with a lot of effort. Shooting videos can require everything from lighting, cameras, editing, and sound - which is something that many small businesses can struggle to afford. A bad video can hurt your business than not having a video at all, which is why so many small businesses have started using podcasts instead. They're cheaper, you don't have to be comfortable in front of the camera, and you can still reach many of your consumers with ease.

Podcasts Can Teach You to Speak in Public

Young entrepreneurs often struggle once they need to appear in public and make a speech. By regularly hosting podcasts you'll not only develop enough confidence to speak about the things related to your industry, but you'll also become a familiar voice for the people that are listening to you. You'll learn how to make an impact on the audience and if you're writing your own podcasts - you'll develop a knack for narrative, unlike something you've had before.

Traffic Generation

By using podcasts you'll have an easier time reaching new audiences, especially because it's so easy for people today to share what they like on social media. Increased traffic will come with time and as long as the audio series continues the audience is likely to grow. However, it's important to note that the audio series has to be relevant for the target audience if you wish to generate traffic. With a good podcast, you should be able to attract new traffic, retain old visitors, and boost your brand's reputation considerably.  

Serves as a Bridge Between You and the Audience

While it's true that there's no interaction between you and the audience on the podcast, this doesn't stop you from answering questions or anything else you receive in between two shows. By listening to your voice constantly people will get the feeling that they know you and this can help you build better relationships with them. Not only does this help with building trust between you and your listeners, but they'll also have a much easier time associating with your brand. This is vital because most people are more likely to make a purchase from someone they know (or feel like they do) than a complete stranger.

It's Extremely Easy

To create a podcast one doesn't have to be a tech savvy - there's a small number of steps that need to be followed. All you need is a high-quality microphone, a Wi-Fi connection to upload the files, and decent headphones. The sound editing software is also a must, but you can use free software for this purpose since it won't make much of a difference. Once you record your podcast you can use your Wi-Fi connection to upload the files (the faster the better).

As an emerging podcast, you'll probably want to notify your users via email about it and potentially send them the podcast the same way. The next step is to invest a lot of effort into promoting your podcast - since that's what will make or break your marketing strategy. You can even improvise your very own studio at your home while leaving all the unnecessary stuff to a self storage in eastern suburbs.

Podcasts are Really Engaging

Today's society is exposed to information overload every day. Not only are we bombarded by marketing campaigns everywhere we go (online included), but there's also so much written content out there that people are starting to feel tired reading it. Audio content, for a change, demands less attention from the user and allows them to do anything they like while listening to what you have to say. This is also why audiobooks have seen a lot of success recently, as we lead faster and faster lives every day. Podcasts can easily promote a product or a service and they'll have a better chance of reaching the audience without sounding 'fake' - making it a great tool to engage the audience and influence their purchasing decisions.

It's extremely important for young entrepreneurs to stay in touch with current trends if they want to succeed in their industry. Staying ahead of the curve is difficult, but not impossible - as long as you employ different marketing strategies to reach your audience. Podcasts offer an alternative to video marketing, one that's extremely affordable and doesn't require a team of people working on it. You can easily do it all alone if you want. If done right, the traffic you generate from podcasts and the increased conversion rates should make it well worth the effort you invest in it.

Why You Should Start a Podcast as A Young Entrepreneur

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