Who’s Your Boss?

Everyone has a boss. Who is yours?http://www.boundless.org/2005/images/articles/1754_large.jpg

Or are you part of the growing occupy movement having lost your full time job only to now be working 3 part-time low paying one’s instead? Lucky you. Now you have 3 of them.

Trust me. I feel your pain. My husband lost his high paying corporate job too and now he’s suffering from age discrimination in the workforce. Overqualified and 50 something.  They say 1/2 the price (or less) will do followed by ‘No Thank You.’ now.

So who’s your boss?

If you are an entrepreneur your boss is either your banker or investor if you have one. Your investor could also be a board of directors, the president of your company who is investing in you by giving you a job, or your trust fund manager who holds the keys to your pot of gold and the list of restrictions on how you can use it. (Remember how your parents said they wanted to leave their legacy with you?)

And if you’re independently able (no matter how big or how small)  the weight of realizing YOU are able to EXPRESS WHO YOU REALLY ARE becomes your higher authority.  If you’re independently able, where you spend your money and what you invest in is a complete reflection to the outside world of you.

The most frustrating thing about being independently able is when you are not able enough on your own to accomplish everything you know you need in this life to do. I fall into this category.  I can’t realize my highest purpose/my best use without finding a boss who truly cares about the creative industries and recognizes our power and potency as catalysts for change. Can you help me find one? I need a boss.

Seeking Creative Visionary Leader

Overview: In search of an individual with the resources and understanding that the creative industries require investment for training and the systematization of that training  to create loads of brand new economic opportunities.

Job Description: To facilitate the development and understanding of the value of creativity and its economic potential.  To develop a highly efficient model that will use the creative industries to train, deepen and bring humanity together to spark new ideas, develop better working relationships and ignite transformation and change across sectors.

Who is my boss? Do you know him or her?

I am looking for this individual. A BIG leader who will passionately stand up for envisioning a world filled with more creativity. And to do that we need transmittable entrepreneurial creativity training around the world.  Yes, Creativity Training for all! Yes We Can!

Ladies and Gentleman I don’t care who has said it, or how many countless times it has been promised and delayed or rain checked or even, you might believe, cancelled. YES WE CAN become WHOEVER we SAY we CAN Become. As an individual. As a people. And as a world. We simply need to harness more entrepreneurial creativity to do it to solve our problems and reignite our economic engine so it can roar again. But this time with some socially-conscious ethically-bound astonishingly-efficient creatives– with our hands too on the key to start the ignition.


The Resume of Lisa Canning


1964- Present  Lisa Canning is a creative entrepreneurial thinker.  She is flexible, determined and a super hard worker. She is a little engine that can. Armed with creative leadership skills, she is an excellent win-win-win kind of collaborator.

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Who’s Your Boss?

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