When Does Website Migration Become Vital To Your Business?

Suppose you get tired of your old website design. Granted, it was very cool in the early days of the internet, but it has become insufficient since then.

So, what do you do?

You get to contract SEO services and develop a new website. This new website will contain all the new features, updates and exciting traits that will make your business bloom like never before.

However, what will become of your website?

That’s simple! You need to migrate it to the new one.

People often get confused what’s the point of migrating a website. However, it is necessary to understand what website migration means and why it holds such significance for your SEO before we get into that.

Website migration: What it means?

A complete and fully successful website migration redirects all your old web pages to the newly installed pages. It helps reduce any negative impact on the search engine rankings that may be caused by editing, updating, migrating or changing your website.

Importance of website migration

If you do not migrate your old website or do it incorrectly, it may result in an almost complete loss of your rankings. Consequently, your website will see a sharp decline in traffic. In addition, it may result in a massive loss of business when your new website goes live. That’s why it is critical to carry out a website migration correctly and in time.


Imagine running a shop near your home, but now you have moved to better premises near the commercial district. So, how are you going to tell people where you have moved? How do you ensure you do not lose your long-term customers? This is how;

  • Put a ‘Newly moved’ sign in your window.
  • Set up a forwarding post.
  • Redirect your phone.
  • Update the new details with the local authorities, neighbours, milkmen, etc.

Seems reasonable, doesn’t it? Your website deserves the same treatment.

When you switch on your new website, the old pages no longer exist. However, they are still indexed in Google. That’s why it is possible those old pages may show up in search results. But when someone clicks on them, they will lead nowhere except a dead end. Thus, the potential client will be lost, not knowing where to go next.

Now migrating is similar to moving your shop to a new location without informing anyone. It will be like starting a new business from scratch. You will have to build a client base and trust once more from the ground up.

Pros of Website Migration

If a website migration is correctly carried out;

  • Visitors may still reach your new website from the old links. So there will be no loss of business or traffic.
  • The authority of your old website will carry over to the new one, which means you aren’t starting from scratch.

Cons of Website Migration

Honestly speaking, website migration is not an easy task. It is a complicated and time-consuming undertaking that requires a high level of expertise. Furthermore, depending on the size and design of your website, the task can become proportionally difficult. However, with the help of a professional website designer and SEO team, you can ensure the process completes smoothly.

Alex Kalos is a blogger and writes on various topics such as SEO and content creation. He also runs an agency that focusses on improving business visibility on the web.

When Does Website Migration Become Vital To Your Business?

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