What is Driving Our Core Values?

What is driving our core values as a society and where are those values taking our world? Here is a collection of 4 articles and a TED talk that I found in search for answers to my question this week.

However, based on the nature of the first article link I need to add a disclaimer: You may find these articles disturbing, thought provoking and requiring something from you to give to the world if you embark on reading them.

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In this world are we seeking to ban things from the education of future generations simply so they can be intellectually and emotionally comfortable? Are we creating that numb, comfy, ‘brave new world’?

Warning: The Literary Canon Could Make Students Squirm

As a colleague of mine, Linda Essig from ASU said: “I am going to put the following disclaimer on my fall syllabus: “The reading and concepts discussed in this course may upset your preconceived notions about the relationship between art and money. You may learn that your work has value to people other than yourself. Some students may find this concept troubling.”.”

In a world that does not value creativity enough can design thinking lead the way?

Designers are merging their ways of thinking with startup culture. The result, writes Bruce Nussbaum, is greater innovation and astounding VC success rates.

In a world that is increasingly fragmented, noisy, distraction oriented & complicated, will we invest in deep learning to increase our creativity?

The Real Neuroscience of Creativity

Insights into intelligence, creativity, and the mind By Scott Barry Kaufman

In a world growing in economic inequality, what is the value of compassion and empathy?

Does Money Make You Mean?

It’s amazing what a rigged game of Monopoly can reveal. In this entertaining but sobering talk, social psychologist Paul Piff shares his research into how people behave when they feel wealthy.

In a world of speed, what is the value of patience?

First Isn’t Always Best: When Patience Pays Off

Why the knee-jerk reaction and need for instant gratification needs some balance. Five cases where a little patience goes a long way.  By Art Markman

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What is Driving Our Core Values?

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