What Is A Temp Agency and How Can It Help You Find A Side Job

A temp agency is an employment service provider that offers temporary work to client-employees required by client-employers. Looking back in history, small agencies employed homemakers as part-time office workers after the Second World War. Nowadays, temp agencies offer various jobs for people with different skill sets and capabilities. According to the American Staffing Association (ASA), almost 17 million temporary employees are hired by staffing companies every year. Many people look for side gigs for different reasons:

  • They have difficulty in finding a regular or permanent job.
  • They prefer freelance and flexible working conditions.
  • Side gigs are a source of supplemental income.
  • It helps them fulfill their personal passions and interests.
  • It’s an effective way to gain new skills or work experience.

Whatever your reason for getting a part-time gig, there are numerous online temp agencies that offer various job opportunities. Check out the Shift Pixy Website for a comprehensive guide to temp agencies. However, you need to understand what a temp agency is, how it works, what are its benefits and drawbacks, and how can it help you find a side job.

What You Need to Know About Temp Agencies

Temp agencies act as a middleman for different companies looking to hire part-time workers in various roles. Some jobs provided by temp agencies have the potential to become a regular job, but most will only last for several days up to a few weeks.

The temp agency will require job candidates to undergo an assessment and interview. These tests and interviews are necessary to find out if you are qualified for the role you are applying for. Once you’re deemed qualified, the temp agency will connect you to the company that needs your services.

Temp agencies, like other staffing firms, act as headhunters for companies that need extra help for a time-sensitive project and busy seasons. Some companies use temp agencies to fill up a temporarily vacant position. Other companies will hire temps to fill a new post if they have excellent performance.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Temp Agencies

Getting a side job through a temp agency has specific advantages and a few drawbacks. Temp agencies have the following benefits which help increase your chances of getting a side job, but you also have to consider the trade-offs. Read on to find out whether applying for work through temp agencies is the best for you.

  1. One Agency, Many Possibilities

Temp agencies offer different opportunities for temp job seekers. Looking for a side job is easier when you only have to submit your application to one company. The agency will match you with companies that are looking for workers to fill temporary positions. Whether you are looking for an entry-level job or a supervisory position, you have higher chances of landing a side gig through a temp agency.

However, one disadvantage of finding a job through temp agencies is that there may be fees collected from your wages. It is essential to understand how much the agency will deduct from your salary before accepting a job.

  1. Temporary Work Can Turn Permanent

Another benefit of getting a side gig from a temp staffing agency is the possibility of a short-term job becoming a permanent one. In reality, most companies that hire from temp agencies are just offering small roles to fill positions vacated temporarily. There are some businesses, however, that hire temporary staff and offer them a permanent position if they perform very well.

You may not have enough time to look for permanent work, especially if you have more than one or two side gigs. You should assess your priorities before applying for a side job from a temp agency.

  1. Gain New Skills and Increase Exposure

If you are fresh out of college or are shifting careers, a side job helps boost your employability. Part-time jobs teach you the knowledge and skills that you can use when you are ready to take on full-time work. Shifting careers can be challenging, but a side job related to the new industry that you want to enter provides just the right amount of immersion and exposure.

But taking on a temp job has its own disadvantages. As a temp, you may not be eligible for company benefits that regular employees have. It is easy to feel isolated when you are working as a temporary employee. Despite the drawbacks of temp work, many people opt to get side jobs from temp agencies to have flexible work options, supplementary income, and skills enhancement.


Finding a side job through a temp agency is not suitable for everybody, especially if you are gearing for stable and permanent employment. However, it cannot be denied that temp agencies offer valuable employment solutions to businesses and job seekers. There’s nothing wrong with getting a side gig through a temp agency, especially if you’re looking for extra income or want to learn new skills.

Kristine Clyatt is an HR professional who has more than twenty years of experience in the industry. Kristine has worked with several companies in establishing a clear set of HR policies that would benefit both the employer and employees. During her leisure, Kristine writes articles that talk about different topics on HR.

What Is A Temp Agency and How Can It Help You Find A Side Job

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