What are you willing to commit to?

I am committed to my businesses.

I am so committed to my new clarinet shop I have chosen to live away from my family for 4+ months renting a room in an Airbnb on my own.

Santa Fe has been a roller coaster ride. Being away from home and living alone for several months, staring at nothing but endless work, which I do love, but all the same offers no end in sight, has been an eye opening experience.

Somehow this same behavior in the comfort of my own home felt significantly easier.

But then again, I have always been a very committed person. Put me in any situation I care about– advising, serving on a board for an organization I believe in, or serving as a volunteer– I somehow always manage to become one of the most involved participants. I can’t help myself. Caring a lot is in my blood.

And yet, the cost of that commitment to the things I love right now is particularly high. But I don’t think my feelings about this are unique.

“Is this really worth it?’ I never imagine that I would have to struggle this hard after all this time? ‘ Sound familiar?

I think a lot of us have been recognizing the amount of sacrifice and hardship we have had to endure to continue to work towards that which matters right now.

Unless you are 20 something -even if you are like me and love your work- its hard to face the necessity of ‘the hustle’ required right now to innovate, pivot and refine what you do to get where you want to go. The alphabet just significantly grew past the letter B.

And despite the struggle, what I find motivating me the most is the networking events I have been attending lately. I have really enjoyed them.

I am finding a lot more heartfelt conversation and genuine interest in getting to know one another. I wish I could say the same for Linkedin where my message box feels like an assault weapon. I am. so. tired. of being sold to. Please people. if you are reading this and send me a friend request there stop selling. How about just get to know me and let’s see where it goes?

People do business with those they know, like and trust.

No one is going to know, like or trust you when you lead with a pitch imo.

If you are truly committed to your business, start with a good faith effort to get to know your prospects sincerely. Who knows you might just seem more credible, more real and more like someone that person would like to do business with if you do.

To your highest purpose and best self,

 Lisa Canning e1560831258547 769x1024

Lisa Canning Linkedin

What are you willing to commit to?

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