Regnite your customers by modernizing your brand

Written by Selena Lepley

Your company could certainly benefit from social media and other new Web tools, such as recorded podcasts by senior managers (useful for training and company updates), shareable presentations (via sites like Slideshare) and video clips showing your products or services.

All of these are useful starting steps for companies looking to modernize their brand practices. You’ll have to spend some man hours on getting your social-media awareness up, but using these tools can definitely help you reignite your customer and business relationships.

Part of this marketing phase is making sure your company website communicates your business activity in clear and simple words and visuals. If you want to attract and retain customers, start with a good website.

Here are some tips on planning, developing and executing a new website to help build relationships with customers and generate new ones. Following the tips below can help your business stand apart from your competitors for business growth.

Less Can Be More

There’s a reason the phrase “Keep It Simple, Stupid” is popular — because in most cases, it’s right. There are many appealing options when adding photos, videos, flash intros and more to a website. For some, it’s tempting to make use of the space, but the truth is that in many cases less is more. Effective use of white space as well as sparing use of design elements and fonts can go a long way in giving your site a classy and appealing look.

Large image files and other animation gimmicks can significantly slow down your site’s loading time. And many business customers are more interested in reading your information at your site, not sitting through a minute-long Flash animation. Among certain sites that typify a good “less is more” approach to web design include Big Cartel (catering online store services to designers), Chama Inc (for business communications), and Selldorf (architects firm).

Hire a Reputable and Reliable Web Hosting Company

The loading time of your web page is important. Beyond the design, the speed in which the website loads is crucial to keeping your customers interested and eager to tell others of your business. Keep in mind that speedy, effective Windows VPS hosting is a solid option sought by many firms. Make sure the company you choose can promise fast page loads, plenty of bandwidth and reliable uptime. Some examples of fast-loading sites include and

Make it Easy to Navigate

Don’t over complicate your site — customers will be more apt to stay at your site and learn about your company if you keep the number of pages and links to a minimum of no more than six or seven. One exception would be operating an online store that sells many products. The key is to make sure that navigating your site is a rewarding experience for your customers, not a frustrating one.

Keep SEO (Search Engine Optimization) In Mind

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important component of a business’s web strategy. Being found online is important in today’s business world, and the benefits of SEO are numerous, including:

  • Higher Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Increased Brand Awareness
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Customer Acquisition/Better Conversion

SEO is a continual art and science, helping other customers find you in their daily Google searches. Find out how to pepper your web pages with keywords that describe your business, and deliver quality content and reputable links to your site. Over time, your search ranking will be better than ever.

Check and Double-Check for Errors

This may seem like a no-brainer, but all too often typographical errors can slide through the cracks. Go over your website with a fine-toothed comb and check for errors of all kinds. A website without typos displays professionalism.

About Selena Lepley

Selena double majored in technology and journalism. She now works for the Sacramento Bee and blogs about technology advancements in her spare time.


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Regnite your customers by modernizing your brand

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