Web Design and the Rising Demand During Covid-19

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many specialists were left without work. This almost did not affect IT and digital workers. The client searches for candidates with strong portfolios and digital projects to create and optimise the company’s web and mobile products have changed.

What Designers Are Needed Now, Their Experience In General

Product designers are a priority in searches, not only in Australia but all over the world. A person who knows how to create convenient web pages and mobile applications can now easily find interesting projects on the market. But this is not as easy a task as it seems.

It is necessary to take into account the needs of different groups of users, in accordance with the industry of the company, to strike a balance between customer satisfaction and happiness. Consider the culture and interests of the company.

When a designer already has strong expertise in a certain area (for example, a long experience in fintech or e-commerce), it is not easy for him to switch to retail for example, since over the past years, the specialist has already formed and got into the habit of certain tools for work.

Necessary Experience In Web And Mobile

As already mentioned, the experience of combined creation of both web and mobile products is important for a designer, because the audience uses different devices to use them equally.

The designer needs to maintain a consistent visualisation of all products. So specialists with cross-functional experience are in great demand. Both communication and product design. If a specialist combines functionality, then they are ready to offer him more attractive project options.

Important UX Research Skills

Large companies have already created internal UX labs, where individual specialists are engaged in the compilation of user experience analytics. If a design candidate can test the behaviour of a client, then this gives him a very big advantage in employment.

Professions In The Design World:

Motion Designer

A motion designer is engaged in the creation of motion graphics – animation of an image that is initially static. The specialist combines the genres of audio, video and text into a single interactive story.

Why motion design?

The time when we gazed at flat pictures (otherwise 2D) is in the past – today the image should not only be bright but also extremely believable, involving, which motion graphics does an excellent job. Most modern users will prefer video pictures (vines, sketches, gifs) to text.

What are the tasks?

Create motion graphics for a specific audience, understanding the goals and style of the project. The end result is the transmission of the main idea – the concept – and, of course, a beneficial presentation of the customer’s product.

UX And Product Designer

A UX designer (literally – user experience designer) develops a product interface based on research on user experience and behaviour. The product designer is responsible for a wider range of tasks – he participates in all stages of product creation, thinks over the scheme of product promotion on the market and its interaction with the audience.

Why product / UX design?

Only by studying the habits, goals and desires of their customers, trying to find an emotional approach to each of them, manufacturing companies have a chance of success. And it’s not only about building a brand strategy but also about how to reflect all the important factors identified as a result of research in the appearance of products.

What are the tasks?

The full range of responsibilities, as well as the employer’s understanding of what he wants to entrust to the employee – product design or user experience – will depend on the specific position.

Graphic Designer

A graphic designer develops the design of media resources: websites, magazines (print and online), books, advertising. Many graphic designers combine their profession with a passion for illustration because, in order to become an expert in this business, it is important to be able to draw well and have a rich imagination.

Why graphic design?

Even those media that have not moved from paper format to digital, today more than ever need a bright design. Whether it’s lettering, an abundance of illustrations in a publication or a beautiful cover – it’s about presenting an idea, creating an aesthetic impression – that’s all graphic design is about.

What are the tasks?

There are a lot of directions in graphic design. However, whatever you do, it is important to take into account the brief (task), understand for whom the image is being created, agree on intermediate results or at least the vision of the concept with the customer. Whatever you say, a designer may not be inferior to an artist in talent, but the former always depends on the client.

What The Designers Themselves Note

Professional web designers from Perth note that thinking outside the box is very important now. Recently, everyone has followed the “safe play” technique, the design has become monotonous. Therefore, when recruiting candidates, now the preference is given to specialists who have related experience not only in design but also in art directions and in creative positions.

What’s Going On In The Design Industry?

2020 already illustrates a breakthrough in the world of design and increased demand for specialists in this industry. Regardless of trends, it is important to remember that the main task of every designer is to allow users to quickly navigate the product and convey meaning, feelings and emotions to the end-user.


It is important to consider trends in aggregate so that you only use combinations that will help users, enhancing the user experience. And, accordingly, increase the chances of such a specialist for easy and quick employment.

Web Design and the Rising Demand During Covid-19

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