Weaponize Optimism

Gosh, those words don’t go together. But maybe they do.

It’s time we get a whole lot smarter about how optimism can win.

I personally know it’s not easy to do. I have plenty of experience trying to, only to wind up feeling taken advantage of and used. And for those very good reasons, I have plenty of reasons to feel bitter and negative, but what good will that do?

(Long pause.)

Well, none.

No matter how wronged you have been, or how much it wasn’t your fault, if you don’t try again, and again, and again, to build something positive AGAIN– nothing good can ever come from it.

And isn’t that what all along you have been trying to do? Create something really good for yourself, for your family, for your community, for your colleagues, for your peers, for your tribe?

Something where everyone has a chance at winning too if they want to? Winning is a choice. An individual choice. Everyone could ‘win’ if they wanted to.

101 Optimistic Attitude Reboot Recipe

Find your tribe.

Band Together.

Agree as a group to work on improving your view, your attitude and willingness to support each other.

Good can win.

The strength and power of seeking positive outcomes for others, working together, and having each other’s back, is an unstoppable force.

To your highest purpose and best self,

Lisa Canning Linkedin

Weaponize Optimism

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