We, as Creative People, Have a Responsibility to this World

We, as creative people, have a responsibility to ourselves– and to this world– to share our gifts widely.

Our creativity changes us and others profoundly. What we do transcends race, status, and breaks through all social classes and cultural barriers almost instantly.

Culture is the backbone on which we can shape our world. And by helping to shape culture, we all can help lift a global economy by doing so. We all can lend a helping hand by doing our part to restore a basic trust in humanity right now- which is essential to restoring a culture that supports prosperity.

The problem with our world right now is that no one trusts each other anymore. We need to tear that wall down with our creativity. And the most practical way to achieve that is by developing and improving the commercialization of our individual offerings. Why?

Because, as a creative person, by our nature we are here to change the world.  And changing the world does not happen for free. So if you want to change the world you better have some money. And by making more money, you have more money to help more people. It’s simple math, but true. And so we need to improve our commercial viability.

And the world needs us now. In fact, as we stumble along economically, it could not be any clearer that the world is waiting for us.  And our first step forward is to restore a basic trust in humanity through the commercialization of our abilities. This  job is one we all can do if we try.

As the world gets small enough to practically fit in the palm of your hand how can we not restore faith in humanity? What else do we have but each other? Where money flows, bonds are built and if they are ethically formed, life is good. world-hands_00278818

Last week, Robin Williams passing was a great unexpected upset happening for many of us. What is the most disturbing about it is that the choices he made to end his life so often are associated with the stereotypical profile of a genius- a true creative mind.

As a life long creative myself, having grown up in a family where creativity was highly practiced and valued, I am no stranger to the dark side- the mental illness that can accompany immense creative abilities. My aunt was not only a prolific painter, but a clairvoyant that helped the police solve horrible crimes and murders in her day. She suffered horribly mentally. And the stories of my mother, if you read this blog, are well known.

As I have passed into and through many levels of creative professional disciplines, I find mental instability to be a true challenge for many creatives, by and large. We do not recognize that through-out our creative journey, we will be challenged to rise above what happens to a mind that is continuously and incessantly bombarded- simply  flooded- with so so many ideas. This is our gift and the mental fatigue that comes from it is our burden to overcome.

I personally believe it is up to each and every one of us to find our highest purpose and use our gifts on this earth. Robin Williams was an amazingly talented individual who changed many peoples lives because of all that he was. And no matter his plight, he could have continued to be one.

I am so so SO tired of the dysfunctional stereotyping of artists like him- A Juilliard graduate — WORLD CLASS at everything he did- Someone like him- a role model for ALL- taking his life.

Creatives are here on this earth because of our amazing diverse abilities and gifts. We need to be all that we can be for this world and die of natural causes because the world needs our gifts. The loss of Robin Williams, to me, speaks loudly the problem and need to learn how to better manage our emotions, and  express ourselves in the fullest way possible- to find and then honor- what comes from the core of what floods us with ideas. Not only can you find relief there, but you discover how to harness your creativity. And that changes everything. And clearly Robin Williams had not figured that out yet and that’s ridiculous. This stuff can be taught. It is possible to learn how to harness genius for happiness, prosperity and good.

And yes, creative minds are hard to keep healthier than most. Our minds go in so many directions and ideas spout everywhere. And as a result, we often don’t have or take the time to emotionally digest what we are taking in. It’s hard when your being flooded continuously.

This alone can bring on depression because our ideas become larger than life and quickly challenge our abilities to know what to do with them all. This is further exacerbated by our ability to recognize that a few of them are pretty darn good ideas. We are smart enough to see their value.

But then there are more.

Creatives generate A LOT MORE truly original ideas than your average risk adverse inflexible thinker. If you want to build new products, design new services, or become authentic as a company– Hire a creative. A ‘Resident Creative’ should be in the C Suite and be paid like one.

And that’s why, as creatives, we need to check our mental health and take it as a personal & more importantly professional responsibility. If we can learn to process our ideas, by aligning them with our emotions and intellect, AMAZING things happen and we feel good too. And more importantly, our work– the work of sharing our abilities to see into the future,  helping others with what we see through only the eyes of a creative mind–can bring peace, and comfort and a little more trust to humanity equally.  We are here to share who we are, and what we see. That’s what we are here to do and its our responsibility to.


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We, as Creative People, Have a Responsibility to this World

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