Walk a Lobster on a Silk Leash: Does Creativity Come From Eccentric Behavior?

Written by Jonathan Moore

Eccentric people are often completely misunderstood. While some might be called “creative,” others “curious” and others still “crazy,” oftentimes, eccentric behavior leads to being wickedly smart. What exactly does it take to have vision and genius? Do you have to be a bit berserk to be brilliant? This is a story on the creative spirit of eccentricity.

We’ve witnessed through history the most innovative talents had oddball habits. Enough so to consider them deranged or dangerous? No, not necessarily. Creative genius usually embodies the ideas of rebellion and unconventional practices or habits. Is there anything wrong with walking a lobster on a leash through town? While it may be freakish, it’s not hurting anyone. Yes, it’s bonkers to be interviewed with a bag over one’s head, but it’s not hurting anybody.

So let’s remove the idea that these peculiar people could be dangerous to themselves or others for the purpose of this article. There’s a difference between a sophisticated eccentric vs. a mentally insane paranoid schizophrenic. As Ed Young, preacher and motivational speaker, explains in his book, “The Creative Leader,” more people should attempt to tap into their creative brains. Cleverness is almost as important as food to survive and excel in this world.

The Cultural Blueprint of a Model Genius

Each generation finds a model genius who walks on the nutty side of life. We need these types of people to solve problems because they see them from different angles than others, and evoke innovative solutions. Dr. David Weeks, Psychologist and Author of “Eccentrics: A Study of Sanity and Strangeness,” sees most eccentricity driven by a deep curiosity, often acted upon and taken to any ends in their quest for answers, their “exploratory expedition.”

Who are some of these generally optimistic, witty, non-conformists with a mischievous sense of humor and childhood curiosity, and what are their irregular actions that might delight? Match the rumored obscure quirk to the eccentric (answers at bottom):

a.) Shows up for interviews with no shoes or socks while looking rather scruff, like a hobbit perchance?

b.) Took small naps throughout the day instead of sleeping through the night.

c.) Invited potential research assistants over for soup because if they seasoned the soup without tasting it, they would not be hired.

d.) Preferred the company of pigeons over people and numbers divisible by three. He was repulsed by pearls and human hair.

e.) Turned down King George III initial invitation to attend court because he was busy teaching an otter to swim. He also insisted that when he died, that his coffin be carried by twelve old maids.

f.) Took a lobster on a walk through the streets of London.

g.) Put a bag over his head for interviews.

h.) His friends reported his obsession with the size of peas and he sorted them by size with a special fork.

i.) She wore a meat dress. Yep, a dress made of raw meat.

j.) He was a hoarder, specializing in biscuit jars, half-used perfume bottles, world fair souvenirs, dental molds and white wigs.

  1. Howard Hughes
  2. Lady Gaga
  3. Andy Warhol
  4. Leonardo da Vinci
  5. Peter Jackson
  6. Oscar Wilde
  7. Prince
  8. The Eccentric Business Man of York, James Hirst
  9. Nikola Tesla
  10. Thomas Edison

Pastor Ed Young, a creative spirit in his own right, setting fashion trends for ministers, asks people to tap into your inner soul and discover your own personal quirkiness. Find your creative spirit and unlock your potential. Pastor Young often talks to the youth, asking them to accept themselves for who they are and tap into what makes them special. You can also find him encouraging parents to be supportive and present in their children’s (and each other’s) lives.

And if you’re looking for me, you can find me at the outer edge as well, my friend. Are you eccentric? Tell us about it:

(answers to the matching game: e-1; d- 2; j-3; i-4; h-5; f-6;g-7; a-8; b-9; c-10)


About Jonathan Moore
Jonathan is a freelance copywriter who enjoys a variety of topics, including health, education and business. He has a small apple orchard in Michigan where he lives with his partner and their two sons.

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Walk a Lobster on a Silk Leash: Does Creativity Come From Eccentric Behavior?

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