Trends and Predictions of 5G’s Impact on Marketing in 2020

When it comes to business, there is a rule that the trends must be followed, especially when it comes to marketing strategies. So far, we’ve mostly been adjusting according to the technology rise, because new technology provides new approaches and new ways to engage people in your campaign. There hasn’t been such an important step to take for a while now, but for this one, you better brace yourselves. Do you remember the impact of the fourth-generation LTE connections on every aspect of our lives? Well, we are close to the fifth generation being an ordinary thing in people’s lives, so let’s talk about how will it affect the variables to consider when it comes to successfully marketing your business!

5G explained

We could sum up the whole point of the fifth-generation network connection to the title of Daft Punk’s song “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger”. It will provide faster connections; the time of the response will be significantly decreased, and the capacity of such a network will be much larger. With new smart devices emerging on a daily basis, reaching a point that we are nowadays able to live in a smart house, drive a smart car etc. and the fact that our reality is more and more intertwined with the virtual reality, 5G and its benefits will revolutionize the user experience. 

It’s not only about the speed, but it’s important to mention it will be increased approximately thirty times, in comparison to 4G. This means billions of devices over the world having an instantaneous connection wherever they are, opening a whole new world of possibilities. The crash course is over, now let’s skip to the effects of this on your business.

User experience

This the race where you really want to stay ahead of the curve. Such a fast connection and data transmission availability will not forgive having a website which is not user friendly. Our perception of digital experiences will result in greater expectations when it comes to everything on the World Wide Web. This is the right time to explore the options which will become available with the introduction of 5G. 

There is no doubt our devices will be even more integrated into our lives, so start thinking futuristically. Invest in voice commands option on your website and blog, assuming you have those. Users will consume even more content online, and you really need to optimize your online presence to all the devices possible. Expanding your presence will further lead to increased brand awareness, which is surely the ultimate goal. This is not yet confirmed, but some research claims the ad blockers won’t be able to operate, which is a huge deal for any marketing strategy!


The definition of the term “reality” is constantly changing as we are evolving. The new chapter of everyone’s reality means more augmented and virtual reality options, which will be cheaper and available to greater audiences. You should definitely exploit these for your marketing strategy and engage people in your advertisements. Displaying your ads won’t be limited to two dimensions, as with this speed, holograms will become more and more available. The next generation of smart devices will have integrated projectors within, just imagine what will you able to do with this! People will be able to use all kinds of surfaces for the projection of display, and you can basically go wild in the creation of your campaign.

This fact implies people won’t need special glasses in order to get a 3D effect, and in the cases of super complex ones where they will need those, the price will be affordable to everyone. The video is already a huge deal in marketing, so this will have a massive impact on video production. You better step up and do the work in advance, if you’d like to be among the first companies to offer these futuristic features. It goes without saying that you should consult with leading experts in the field when it comes to the creation of your new campaign. We’ve researched this area, and it will be easy to find a video production company in Sydney which can offer you the right guidance. It’s a well-known fact this is already happening, so you don’t have an excuse to be late!


Gathering the data from users will be almost instantaneous, which will provide you to react accordingly. You’ll be able to create content which is not only personalized, but also happening in real-life time. Your customer needs will be a priority as you will track and collect the data for hyper-personalized services. You’ll be able to make better predictions about what they need and identify the easiest way to strategically approach potential customers, losing the “potential” along the way! 

With the whole world instantly in our hand, the biggest ever e-commerce rise will occur. No online shopping issues will be tolerated, be aware! Reduce the process of shopping to one click, and eliminate all the other steps which can make online shopping so frustrating. This way, you’ll also benefit from so-called impulsive buying.


Customer behaviour is simply a reflection of their surroundings. If you are among the first ones to use the opportunities 5G service will allow, you’ll show your clients that you understand and follow their needs. Your brand will be recognized as a leader on the market, and someone who is on top of trends. That is exactly what the world needs, to keep in track with all the changes happening around us, however fast and life-changing they are. There is always room for improvement, but don’t fool yourself thinking this will pass. This is the future, and no one will want to go back to the past once it happens!

Trends and Predictions of 5G’s Impact on Marketing in 2020

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