Things Your Competitors Can Teach You about Mobile Apps

Being in the same business and working for the same goals leads to competition. And one day or the other the fact needs to be accepted. The fact that our businesses may or may not be as successful as our competitors and while this can hurt – it opens an opportunity to learn.

Instead of distancing your business from the competitors, it is advisable to learn from the competitor’s success. Therefore, occasionally peeping into your competitor’s business will surely give you an impactful learning. This boosts you to work with utmost efficiency.

There are various factors in which your competitors are excelling. Here are few of the mobile business functions which competitors can teach you.

How Mobile Cloud Technology is Helping Your Competitors

If there is one thing which is keeping your competitors way ahead of you, then it has to be mobile cloud storage. And this must be very much supported by a competitor’s mobile cloud strategy. And one of the most important aspect of cloud strategy is Optimal Mobile Management.

A typical example would be BYOD. While BYOD has a profound impact on SMEs, there are other popular strategies as well, which includes corporate-owned, personally enabled (COPE).

It is safe to say that most of your competitors who have leveraged on cloud tools are not only in advantageous position, but they are also leveraging on the budgetary freedom by outsourcing services from the providers. Here, chances of mobile application getting some real success is fairly high.

Get the Apps Digital Marketing Strategy From Competitors

It is very important to get the insights of competitor’s digital edge in the market. It must be possible that competitors are driving their mobile app business with some amazing mobile app digital marketing strategy. It is your time to pull up the sleeves and get into the digital skin of your competitor.

First things first, get to know about their business traffic. If your competitors are getting some way more traffic then it means that they are doing something right. But what’s that? Well, there you can see about what Type of Content they deal with over the digital media.

Keep a watch over the type of content they share, also check on the frequency – is it weekly, daily, etc.? Emphasize on the type of content as well, it can be blog posts, Q&A, surveys, etc. And then comes the part of Social Media Engagement. It makes a lot of sense to track their social media pages, tap on the reply timings to comments, the kind of content they share over social media, and also the social media presence.

The mobile app will be successful only of it is getting some traction on digital platform. But at the same time, it is wise to use your own brains because most often people are bound to make mistakes. It’s wiser to learn from other’s mistake.

And when it comes to learning from competitor’s mistake, why not? Here’s how you learn from competitors about the app traffic and audience profiling.

Learn From Competitor About Their Mobile Application Design

Take this. It is always the first look of your mobile app which can give a perception about your mobile apps to users. Whether you believe it or not, it is from here, the app design – the competition starts. Right from the opening screen of your mobile app.

Later comes ease of navigation. It is certain that users will not stay in app for too long if the navigation is not convenient to them. Not only that, but the Graphics also need to be in accordance with the application usability. Compare the app graphics quality with that of the competition and take notes.

Improve on where you lack, improve more on where you think your competitors lack. Another important element is that of the color. It is with the right selection of colors, you can make a brand out of your business.

Take for example the dominant color on Facebook or Twitter. The key lies in the consistency of the color harmony. Check if your competitor is following this app design aesthetic correctly.

They can Surely Give You a Lesson or Two About The Mobile App Information Security.

You would be aware about the website hacks, but well, let me inform you that mobile apps are also hacked. In fact, it is easier to hack a mobile app than the website. Therefore it is really important to deploy a top-level security with your mobile app.

This includes latest encryption technology, tamper seals, managing access and rights management along with the audit trails. The reason why your competitor is soaring high can be the backend mobile app security which is winning the trust of millions of users.


In this ever-changing business of technology the competition is building up rapidly. Therefore, it is essential to keep a track of what is happening elsewhere in the market. And the best way is to keep a tap on the competitors. This will keep you in the business for long, ensuring successful results by working efficiently on what is learned from your competitors.

About the author

Shahid Abbasi is a marketing consultant with Peerbits, a one of the top android app development companies and the home of app enthusiasts. Shahid likes to keep busy with his team, and to provide top-notch mobility solutions for enterprises and startups.

Things Your Competitors Can Teach You about Mobile Apps

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