The truth about discipline.

Discipline. It’s a word that makes 1 percenters; defines lives that become successful; and determines usually who thrives.

It takes a lot of it to achieve wealth, power and some fame for you and your family. Equally, it takes a-lot, if you want to do a-lot-of-good in this world.

Assuming wealth, power, fame or doing good is at the heart of your motivation, your going to need to muster some sustainable discipline to realize it. So you better be pretty excited about whatever it is that is going to get you there.

But for some reason the word discipline has always made me instantly associate it with the word: disciple.


:  one who accepts and assists in spreading the doctrines of another:


Self discipline is usually fueled by the motivation to spread our own doctrines. We feel compelled to act because we have something we absolutely have to say and do.



1.archaic :  teaching, instruction

2a :  something that is taught 2b :a principle or position or the body of principles in a branch of knowledge or system of belief :

When you look under the hood of discipline what you will find is your truest motivations. The things you uniquely need to express to the world. To teach to the world.

If you’re looking for some discipline to better your life, ask yourself this question:  What is it that truly motivates you? What is it that you are willing to commit your time and physical and mental energy to over and over and over… again? Whatever that is, it’s a start- the beginning of something that will test you to the core; as to how much exactly you are willing to do for what you really believe the world needs from you to learn, improve, and grow.

Just exactly how far are you willing to go?

How many twists and turns will you allow your idea to take until it morphs into the perfect vehicle?

And when is enough enough?? When people walk away because they think your crazy? When your spouse has had enough? When you have spent every cent you can give to it as wisely as you possibly can and it is still not enough? Wherever you are on that spectrum, I too have been right there.

What truly matters to you?

These are the only things in life worth giving our all to.  Regardless of if we feel like it or not. Rain or Shine. Day or Night.  Always.

But here is the final truth about discipline, which I have learned well.

It’s pointless if you cannot monetize it. All it will do is wear you down to the bone. The flame will never go out, but nothing remotely even close to what you envision will ever be realized. Not in your lifetime. And not with you at the helm.

Can you live the rest of your life knowing that if you had just taken 5 more steps you might have… could have.. would have been able to….?

Monetization will build you a vehicle that will allow you to deliver your wisdom everywhere you want to go- as long as you keep its fuel tank full.  If you have to pivot 1000 times to get there, do it. It’s the only way you can make your vision-come-to-life and do the-good-you-want-to-do, is by being able to sustain the effort. It’s also the only way you can create the power, wealth or fame you want to make as well.

Pivoting sucks. And it takes a lot of discipline to do it too. Even more. But your most basic motivation will get you through it if you remember what got you this far and why it still deeply matters to you to keep going. It will give you the discipline you need to make your ideas come to life by monetizing them in a sustainable way.

And then they will call you an entrepreneur. What a fancy word for having the discipline to work tirelessly to realize what you just have to share with the world.

To your highest purpose and best self friends. 

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The truth about discipline.

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