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Today I received this awesome email about The ETA Resource Center from a teacher at a charter school.

Here is what she said: ” …I hope it’s ok that I’m contacting you, but I wanted to tell you how great your resource is: I have been using it in my classroom for my students and they really seem to enjoy it.  I am actually writing to you on their behalf! They have decided that they would like to send you a suggestion of another resource that I have been using, that one of them found: Its a small business resource guide.  Our favorite is the section for kids!

It would make my students day if you could set it up on your site with your other resources.  It really is a useful article with great information.  Thats why I have agreed to write to you.  Maybe it will even encourage the others to bring in their own resources.  I can hope!
Thanks so much!

Ms Clark’s Class


Dear Ms Clark’s Class,

Thank you so much for using the ETA Resource Center. I hope you will continue to make recommendations to help us improve it. And yes, we will include this resource list into the center.

I am really happy to see Ms Clark is teaching you,  at such a young age, how to fish!

Lisa Canning, Entrepreneur The Arts

A Chinese proverb says, “teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”; this is especially true in the world of business. There is no better time to teach your children about money and business than now; it is never too late to teach children about the importance of money management and business skills. Helping children learn the ropes about business will help to encourage an interest in education and business ownership.

Raising Entrepreneurs: Teaching Kids About Money and Business – Raising Entrepreneurs is an organization that helps parents how to teach kids about the creation of wealth and businesses

Is Entrepreneurship in Your Kids’ DNA? – Two public relations firm owners write about how entrepreneurship can be inherited by kids, and what parents can do to develop those traits

Show Kids the Money – an article that explains how kids can benefit from starting their own business

Raising Financially Savvy Kids – posts an article on how parents can raise children to be financial savvy

Changes in the economic landscape are teaching many people that financial security can be hard to attain. Business education starts by teaching kids how to handle money. Even if it’s a simple as clinking down some pennies on a piggy bank, the child will learn that it’s good to save. More than saving money, business is about making money and providing valuable services to the public. The next time your child asks for money or a new item at the store, challenge them to earn the money instead. Encourage them to provide services or start a business of their own to earn the money they need to purchase the things they want or save for bigger things. This will teach them how it’s like to own a business and manage their resources for future profits.

Financial Literacy for Kids: Money Lessons Should Start Young – an in-depth article discusses many financial concepts kids should learn about, such as debt-collecting, allowances, and a list of resources for parents to read through.

Financial Literacy: What Your Kids Need to Know – a page that includes links to different articles that focus on teaching kids money skills in different ages.

Creative Wealth International – the organization called Creative Wealth International has set up an educational program called “Camp Millionaire.” Learn more about how kids can benefit from the program.

Raising Savvy Business Kids – features an article about a dad who is raising his kids to be savvy about business

Six ways to Raise Money Savvy Kids – a writer lists down six easy ways to teach kids about the value of money and how to use their resources wisely

Parents and educators know that when it comes to starting a business, it takes more than just a company name and a desire to earn a few bucks. Starting a business takes a lot of behind-the-scenes work and tough decisions. Teach your children to do some research first and ask some question, such as “what does the neighborhood need right now?” or “what would my friends like to play with?” Explain to them the ideas behind a starting capital, profits, and marketing. Learning all of these will help a child be smarter about any business decisions both in the present and in the future. The Internet is also a good place to look for creative business ideas for children.

Kids Business Guide – an free subscription for email newsletters for constant tips on how to get kids involved in entrepreneurship

Business Ideas for Kids – an article that lists four innovative business ideas any kids can quickly accomplish

Business Ideas for Kids – an article that explains why it’s great for kids to start a business. It also lists down three all-natural business ideas for kids.

Great Business Ideas for Kids – a long list of business ides kids can start with right in their own neighborhood

Lemonade stands used to be a booming business for children, especially during the summer months. All they need is a few plywood pieces to make their stand, a pitcher of lemonade, a hot summer day, and business is open. Today’s technology has created more imaginative ways to earn a few bucks without having to stand out in the hot sun. Encouraging kids to build their own websites – with parental consent, of course – is one unique way to start. Online auctions can even take your kids’ business to the next level. Even from simple things, such as buying candies for wholesale and selling them in small amounts would be great. If all else fails, your kids will always have plenty of customers with old-school jobs, such as babysitting, dog walking, and lawn mowing.

Need Cash? Find a Summer Job! – An online page lists down many job options that can turn summer vacation into a profitable holiday

These Kids Mean Business – the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) features a documentary titled “These Kids Mean Busines$” that tells the story of young Americans taking control of their lives through entrepreneurship

Ways for Kids to Make Money – a website that gives information not just on how kids can make money, but also on starting a business, investing, and spending wisely

Games are not just for entertaining and playing, they can also be a tool to teach children about business. One popular board game is the Monopoly, where every player can learn how to spend capital on investment properties to gain more income. You can even up the stakes by playing with your children using real pennies and nickels. The Internet is also packed with many online business games for children. Below is a list of websites kids can go to for business games.

Lemonade Stand Game – an online version of the lemonade stand where kids play to see how much money they can make in one game

10 Interactive Financial Websites that Teach Kids Money Management Skills – an article lists down 10 websites kids can visit to learn about managing their finances

Cash Flow for Kids – a website features the board game “Cash Flow for Kids” that can help children “raise their financial IQ”

Kids Work! – creates a virtual community that kids can visit and apply for jobs

Entrepreneurship Classroom Activities – the organization “Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education” provides an extensive list of classroom activities teachers can use to let students learn about entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship Board Games – B.E. Publishing introduces their own line of board games that teaches kids entrepreneurial skills such as how to run a company and how to negotiate with other “entrepreneurs”

Just for Clicks Business Game – introduces a business game where kids can just click around and still learn about business

Rich Kid Smart Kid – Rich Kid Smart Kid is an online portal to four business games that teach kids how to be money-wise

Savings Quest Game – Savings Quest an online game that teaches kids how to use their hard-earned salary to pay bills and buy the things they want

Disney’s Hot Shot Business – Disney’s own online game called Hot Shot Business helps kids solve business dilemma in one neighborhood

Business Games for Kids – an article lists down popular online business games for children to play with while surfing the Internet

You Are Here: Where Kids Learn to be Smarter Consumers – You are Here is a virtual mall that kids can visit. Kids can learn many key concepts about finance, business, and even advertising.

Business Simulation Games for Teaching Kids About Economics –A writer lists down three simple games online that teach kids how to do business and have fun doing so.

Experience is the best teacher and when it comes to business and finance, nothing beats going through it firsthand. Children should be given opportunities to practice entrepreneurial skills, such as resource management, customer service, and even marketing their products or services. If parents or educators need more ideas on how to teach children the value of money and entrepreneurship, below is a list of resources not only for parents, but for children as well.

Being “Money Smart” Goes by Many Names – The Mint is a website that offers many tools that teach kids how to manage their finances and have good money habits. The website offers fun games for kids, pointers for parents, and even ideas for teachers.

14 Educational Games to Teach Your Kids About Business – An article that lists down 14 fun board and computer games for children to learn about business

10 Lessons Monopoly Teaches Us – an interesting article that discusses why Monopoly became such as popular board game and the lessons the game teaches every player

Entrepreneur Kids – Entrepreneur Kids is a non-profit organization with a mission to influence kids to think ahead and be business savvy.

Youngpreneur – Youngpreneur is a website whose mission is to teach students how think critically to be successful in their entrepreneurial activities. The website targets students of all ages.

Kidnexions – Kidnexions is a software program that teaches kids how to manage their money. The software also teach kids some basic math skills


The Business Guide for Kids

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