The Advantages of Having a Coffee Machine in the Workplace

It has been proven that having a hot drink machine in the workplace will boost your employees’ effectiveness in so many ways. And that’s the case, especially if you install a high-quality coffee machine.

For most of us, coffee is a very important thing that gives us energy and helps us to stay on top of our tasks. But as some workplaces, people just don’t have enough time to go and get a cup of coffee. By installing a coffee machine they won’t need to go out and buy coffee, they can enjoy a good cup of coffee while still being at work. Providing your employees with access to a nice, hot cup of good quality coffee at any time of the day will do wonders. 

Here are some advantages of having a coffee machine at work.

It Will Improve Their Productivity

All of us know that we need to have a short break during your work hours in order to be as productive as possible. Having beverages like tea and coffee acts as an instant pick-me-up that will boost their energy levels. Taking a short break to enjoy a cup of coffee will also increase their productivity. Studies have shown that providing your employees with a coffee machine will reduce stress, put them in a positive mindset and help them recharge their batteries. It will improve the overall satisfaction levels of your staff and make them more alert, motivated and productive during their work hours.

It Will Reduce The Lost Work Time

If you don’t have a coffee machine, most of your employees will leave at some point during their shift to grab a cup of coffee at the closest cafe. Leaving their office, walking to the cafe, waiting to order and get their drink takes up to 20 minutes. But, if you provide them with a coffee machine and quick and easy coffee pods that they can just pop in, they will be back to work in no time.

It Will Keep Your Employees Healthy

Coffee is full of nutrients and antioxidants that can boost your health. It can also lessen the risk of diseases such as diabetes. It provides you with instant satisfaction just as having a fast-food snack, but making coffee takes just a few minutes. The process of making yourself a cup of coffee will give you time to relax and take your much-needed break doing something for yourself. 

A study that was done by the National Institute of Occupational Health has proven that if you drink coffee before you start working on a computer will have pain-relieving effects. And if you drink about two cups of coffee it can reduce muscle pain up to 48 percent. 

It Will Improve The Working Atmosphere

We all know that having a coffee machine will make new sociable situations and a more relaxed working environment. It will make the mood in the company be happier. And as we already stated coffee is the strongest stimulant that will help fight off tiredness, boosts mental alertness and stamina. And at the end of the day, the communication between your employees will be better and things will run smoothly all because of installing a coffee machine.

It Is A Staff Perk

Having work benefits is an amazing way to gain staff loyalty and equipping your office space with a coffee machine that they can always use is a great thing for your staff. A Lot of people agree that having access to free coffee makes them feel like their boss cares about making their working environment a comfortable space that they enjoy being at. 

It Will Leave A Good Impression

There are a lot of companies that come face to face with their customers every day or have people waiting for things such as garages or car dealerships. In that case, having a coffee machine that is available for everyone as they are waiting. This will help a company shine in good light and possibly make it more likely that a customer will come back.

Reward Quality Work With Quality Coffee

If you expect your workers to do their job as best as they can, it is important that you reward them for it. As we all know how much you put in is how much you get back. When you install a good quality machine in the office, you will definitely notice that your employees will feel appreciated and care that you gave them something that they can use every day. 

Providing your office with good coffee and a coffee machine is inexpensive yet a great perk that will make your employees feel cared for. By providing your office with a coffee machine it will give them a chance to start new tasks refreshed. 

A Coffee Machine Keeps Your Employees Honest at Work

We all know that if people get too little sleep are more likely to be grumpy and mean if they don’t have their coffee. People who are sleep deprived are more likely to be mean but caffeine will give them more willpower and self-control. If you don’t provide your employees with coffee they will be a grump and unproductive. So in order to have your employees be focused and work together, you have to provide them with coffee. 

It Promotes Cooperation And Teamwork

Believe it or not, adding a coffee machine in the office is a great way to make your employees bond with each other. Most of the time groups that work together will take turns with getting the coffee for everybody, and that will encourage team working spirit which will reflect their work. It is a great way to help new employees to fit into the theme easily, as they will take their turn getting the coffees, so that will be seen as a rite of passage and being accepted as part of the group. 

It Helps With Staff Recruitment

When you are employing new people, you have to make sure that you are getting the best people for the team. Candidates that are talented are more likely to get more job offers, so you need to be different and have something that will encourage them to choose your offer over others. Believe it or not, coffee machines are the selling point that will help you get the best employees, as it shows that you care about your employees. All of your employees will be more loyal if they feel valued. Having a coffee machine will show them that you appreciate their hard work and you are giving them something to treat themselves with whenever they need to, and that could be the deciding factor that someone who you want to hire is looking for. 

It Will Help Them Improve Their Mental Health

It’s not only the physical well-being that a cup of coffee will have a positive impact on. Most people don’t know that the hormone that makes us happy, dopamine, are realized when drinking coffee. Coffee is a quick mood-enhancing elixir that we all need in order to survive a stressful day. It is a great thing to use to reduce anxiety levels. Because when you are at work where everyone is stressed out at some point, anything that will help lessen the stress levels, therefore, the coffee machine is the best option that will help your employees. 

Improves Metabolic Activity

There are a couple of studies that have shown a correlation between drinking coffee and improved metabolic activity. Drinking a cup of coffee without any sugar as you are sitting at your desk you are increasing your metabolism, maintaining a healthy body and burning extra fat. 

Coffee Machines are Reliable

In most companies, your brakes are around 30 minutes, and we all had the unfortunate experience of the cafe being filled with customers that came before you did. And after you’ve waited for most of your break you are likely to get a super watery coffee or the wrong order. 

If you install a coffee machine in your office you will help your employees relax and do something else drug in their breaks and still get to drink amazing coffee. 

It Is Low Maintenance

A coffee machine does not require anyone to prepare the actual coffee or a lot of space. All you need to have is someone who will do maintenance check-ups. They are clean and easy to use, all you need to do is pop in the pod and you’re good to go. There is no need for filters, beans and all of that stuff. 

You Are Providing More Options To Your Employees

Coffee machines are super-efficient and more versatile than having a kettle or pots of coffee. Having coffee machines that use pods is so much better than having three different things. With one machine you can make tea and coffee without waiting for the kettle to brew or the coffee to drip out. All you need to do is provide your employees with a variety of coffee and tea flavors and you are good to go. 

Having Coffee Machines Is Much Safer

If you have a super busy office where your employees are rushing around, the last thing you want is somebody accidentally spilling their hot drink. Coffee machines are super safe for offices that have a lot of traffic because you can’t knock over the machine. Therefore, if you have kettles and old filter coffee machines it is time to upgrade. 

It Can Mean Moving Beyond Having Just The Coffee Machine

For many offices adding a coffee machine will provide more opportunities for growth. If you choose to upgrade to a coffee machine, thinking about adding things such as sodas or bottled water. Adding a coffee machine will always be a win-win situation.

As you can see from this, investing in a coffee machine for the office will have nothing but a positive effect on your employees. It not only shows that you care, but it will also boost their productivity and efficiency levels and their overall happiness. And let’s be honest here, it is an inexpensive thing that will have an amazing return on your investment. 

The Advantages of Having a Coffee Machine in the Workplace

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