Tearing Down the Invisible Wall

There is an unspoken social contract the world has made with artists. It goes something like this: “We love what you do, you inspire us. But you don’t live in the “real” world so you couldn’t possibly economically revive us.”

If your an artist reading this post, and you truly wish to enter into other sectors of society in meaningful ways to help our broken world, the reality of bumping into the invisible wall is real. Trust me. I am living the dream and working at the wall and focused on dismantling it one brick at a time.

And if you are one of those folks who might have made this social contract with us artists, knowingly or unconsciously, reading this post?  It’s time to let go of it and find some 21st century innovative artists who will offer you a far better ROI than you can imagine.

I was told the other day by a seasoned technology entrepreneur, venture capital and angel investor that “…people all the time lie to us- we expect it. One of the ingredients to becoming an entrepreneur is to thicken your skin and learn to ignore it and rise above it. It’s probably one of the reasons why so many entrepreneurs are assholes when they succeed really.”

I have to tell you this does not work for me. Imagine what would happen to our work and new businesses if the basis for all we do was built instead on trust and collaboration?

Get the picture?

Artists do you see the potency of the work in front of us to do?

If the world we live in now was built on a lack of trust and a lack of collaboration- which it has been- let’s create our own entrepreneurial opportunities to help ourselves and others prosper by teaching the virtue and benefits of ethical conduct and true collaboration through our artistry. Imagine just how vibrant our world would be.

This is what the arts have to offer IF we develop the skills to translate our creativity and standard of conduct into meaningful ways to others.

Who will join me at the invisible wall?

I need a dump truck now please. But I am in search of a fleet…


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  1. OK–this would be much more effective if you checked your grammer before posting.  Please use you’re instead of your when saying “you are…
    Sorry–makes you look uneducated….

  2. That said, I do agree with your concept.  As artists, we need to convince others that our work is valuable and we actually are able to create and collaberate with others. 

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Tearing Down the Invisible Wall

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