Kickstarting Entrepreneurial Learning

[Cross-posted on my Creative Infrastructure blog] I met last week with Cindy Au of, the crowd-sourced financing site for creative projects.  In talking with her...

Dream + Action = Innovation

[This entry is cross-posted on my Creative Infrastructure blog] There has been a lively online conversation over the past twelve days since Rocco Landesman’s comments about...



I am preparing to walk into a university classroom next Tuesday to teach 16 college students “Foundations of Arts Entrepreneurship.”  Preparing for a class such...


Create the “Check Box”

One of the most interesting things about blogging is the emails you receive from folks you don’t know. I love it because so often it...


P.a.v.e. update

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here (I never thought a sabbatical would be so much work) so I thought it time to provide...


Elephants in the Room part 2

This evening, I participated in ATHE’s all-conference special forum addressing “elephants” in the traditional theatre curriculum.  Here are my opening remarks — In his introduction...

eta blog space

Its not about the money!

I had an epiphany the other day as I was reading Marjorie Garber’s excellent book “Patronizing the Arts.” This was one of those “a-hah” moments...


Leni’s Words of Wisdom

Our p.a.v.e. program in arts entrepreneurship brought in a fabulous artist as its March speaker. Leni Schwendinger is a lighting designer and public artist whose...

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