Creating Serendipity in Business

By Sebastian Olma, with a foreword by Joe Pine. Illustrations by Yulia Kryazheva

Can serendipity be planned and orchestrated into a value producing engine for business?

Successful global players like Google and LinkedIn think so.  Serendipity or the value creation based on unexpected encounters is a new trend in the world of business. The most innovative companies are now introducing ‘serendipity’ leaves for their employees: time they can spend outside of rigid work structure in order to find value in the most surprising places. These companies know how important unexpected encounters and knowledge exchange are for innovation.

But what if it is actually possible to build a business – a machine – that systematically facilitates serendipity?

In The Serendipity Machine, Sebastian Olma presents a disruptive business model that is able to do exactly that. In it he shows how the Dutch company became a Serendipity Machine by implementing principles of asynchronous reciprocity, social capital and third space.  (Third space is the digital space between work and home.)

3rd-spaceThe book explains how these principles provide companies and organizations with the insight they need to start their own transformation into Serendipity Machines.

You can download this book for free. Check it out. It’s a worthy read.

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Creating Serendipity in Business

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