Reasons Why Managed IT Makes The Smartest Choice For Startups

Managing IT infrastructure and operations can be an uphill task for startups, considering the budget constraints they have. However, this is an expense they cannot sideline considering the increasing dependence on technology. It is hard to imagine functioning and growing without a reliable and secure system in place. Moreover, you also need to bear scalability in mind as your business is bound to grow in terms of the number of employees and customers. The best approach would be to look for the most feasible way of handling the entire IT requirements without overstepping your budget. Managed IT emerges as a feasible option for entrepreneurs because it serves a host of benefits for startups. Let us explain these benefits in detail.

Comprehensive services

Since startups start from scratch, they need more on the services front. Managed IT is the right choice because the providers have a comprehensive range of services to offer. You can expect them to play an advisory role, guiding you about the essentials and optional investments at this stage. Further, they can assist you with infrastructure setup, support, upgrades and network, and computer performance. Looking after the IT needs of new employees, managing compliance-related issues and handling backups and disaster recovery are the other aspects they take care of.


Another reason to opt for a managed service provider is the reliability they offer. You will probably be tempted to opt for a break-fix model just to save some dollars but that is the worst mistake you can make. Calling a provider for emergency fixes can land you in deep trouble, particularly because there are always chances that you won’t be able to find them in the hour of need. The situation can become stressful and frantic as well, with no time to convey the long-term goals or discuss ways to help your startup run more smoothly. Conversely, a managed provider is like a partner who knows your business as well as you do and would go the extra mile to help you grow.


New businesses need to economize as much as possible and thinking out-of-the-box can help you do it. Rather than having an in-house IT team to set up and manage the entire technology infrastructure, outsourcing this service brings extensive cost savings. Beyond just keeping your system up and running, these providers offer IT support software for your business to keep it one step ahead. Further, they can unlock cost-saving opportunities by helping you make the best purchase decisions about things such as equipment, software, and storage.

Ongoing cyber threat protection

Cybercrime is a major concern for any business, more so for startups that are laying a foundation for their reputation. They cannot afford breaches and cyberattacks because such incidents can cause major losses, both in terms of money and reputation. Ongoing protection, thus, becomes essential as continuous monitoring and updating their layers of protection can prevent these losses. With managed services, you have IT specialists doing this for you. They work constantly to minimize the chances of exposure of your business and its critical data to cybercriminals.

Aligned goals

Working with a managed IT provider is a big plus for new businesses as it gives you the opportunity to work towards a common, unified goal. The providers collaborating on a break-fix model would not be incentivized for helping clients avoid future problems, while those working as partners would. Both the parties, the provider and partner, work together for creating and maintaining the best system possible, one that runs seamlessly and at optimum speed, while being malware-free.

Proactive approach

Working on a managed services model is a proactive approach, which is surely a good choice for new businesses. Your IT partner takes the responsibility for anticipating the technical issues which can interrupt productivity and cause wastage of time and money. With this proactive mindset, they can prevent problems even before they happen and create the most efficient and secure systems possible for your business. So you are able to avoid the potential IT hiccups, rather than having to scramble to fix them.

When it comes to IT, the stakes are always high because it involves infrastructure, operations, and security. As a startup owner, you cannot afford to take it frivolously because even a small mistake or glitch can cost you months of hard work. With a managed IT partner at your service, you have the peace of mind with seasoned technology professionals covering your business on all fronts. Though it means some investment for your business, every dollar spent is worthwhile.

Ted Hansen is an IT Manager working with a leading IT supports the company. Besides his expertise in IT-related services and cybersecurity, Ted loves sharing his technical insights through blogs and articles. He also loves reading and playing video games.

Reasons Why Managed IT Makes The Smartest Choice For Startups

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