Rants: And where did you stop reading in the 2nd one?

Rant #1

Chase Bank.

I don’t get it.  I went into the bank with a new EIN number and the paperwork for a new corporation but because it was registered outside of Illinois they refused to set up a checking account for me. Flat. out. refused. Are they not a global commercial bank?

I have had my commercial account for Lisa’s Clarinet Shop there for awhile. I move over 1 million dollars of credit card transactions through their merchant processing. I have zero chargebacks or disputes. My average ticket is over $3000 USA (average dollars sold based on all transaction) which makes me a highly sought after A+ merchant account. My credit card processing account earns more than many of their commercial loans with lower risk for them- based on my history.  I keep a nice balance in my checking account and have good credit. So then I tried to open one up under Entrepreneur the Arts. But they told me that because Entrepreneur the Arts is not (yet) properly listed with the state of Illinois they will not even help me get access to their credit card processing software to test with my developer either. (It actually is listed but under the wrong EIN number.) And, but of course, my paperwork has been submitted to the state and I am waiting for its return. And all of my corporations are in good standing. I am not asking for much. At all.

I don’t get it.  I asked the guy helping me in credit card processing to get a manager involved. I have spoken to him 3 times since- that was more than 30 days ago and no one from the bank, except for the sales guy in credit card processing has called me back. I bet if I had a million dollar credit line with Chase I would have heard back from my loan officer. In fact, I am sure of it.

There is nothing entrepreneurial about Chase bank. It is NOT an entrepreneurs bank what so ever. Amazing.

Rant #2

Sales training.

It’s NO WONDER newbies think sales is the sleaziest thing EVER to learn how to do when you get things like this in your inbox. Who. would. ever. want. to. sell. if this is what selling means?

At the 75% off ‘Launch Price’ for special invitees (yes YOU), it was inevitable that we would reach the 40-person limit in a matter of days.

In fact I’m removing membership access in the next 60-minutes – but you can still get in for the next hour – so hurry.

_____  _______ Membership

And if you happen to be one of the unlucky ones to miss out, I have included a secret bonus for you regardless, as a thank you. You can access it by going here -> SECRET BONUS (become an authority)

Yep it’s that time! I want to give you one last heads up before we run out of places for the _____  ______  ________Membership, and I remove the replay video for the secret bonus I uploaded the other day where you will learn the secrets to becoming an authority in almost any niche.

If you’ve somehow missed it, I’m one of the most sought after mentors on the planet, and my step-by-step Sales ______ system has helped generate hundreds of millions of dollars for my students and clients.

I charge upwards of $4K per hour, but although my students make many times that amount back in sales, not everyone can afford this training… So I’ve opened my doors and released the _____ ______Academy online membership for a few dollars a day.

Here are a few of the topics that I teach in the member’s area through articles, training videos, and step-by-step blueprints:

– How to Create AUTHORITY in Any Niche.

– Learn how to double your sales in half the time

– Find Out How To Build TRUST and AUTHENTICITY with any client

– Master the techniques of a rock star influencer and persuader

– Create a peak performance mindset and conquer limiting beliefs

– Understand the difference between prospecting (what most people focus on) and marketing (when clients call you in)

– Discover the power of irresistible offers

– Use millionaire techniques to work half the day with double the results

– Learn the four ‘big rocks’ that encompass every possible way to get a client to engage with you

– Magnetically engage clients so they hang on every word you say

– Demystify and understand the secrets to the buying path

– Learn ninja tactics that will have you converting 5 x more leads

– Discover how to build rapport, understand buyer personalities, and grow a lasting connection with your clients that will have them eating out of your hands

– Uncover the most in-depth information from every person you present to

– The 16 ‘Killer Closes’ to instantly make a sale—to anyone

– How to close 85-98% of every presentation without exception.

– Secret strategies that helped me make millions in sales in a matter of minutes!

– Learn how to outperform the competition by leveraging your database

– Understand how to get more sales, more often, by creating a ‘tribe’ of followers

– Never before shown step-by-step templates handed to you every month

– Discover the power of social media and how you can super-charge your lead generating efforts without breaking a sweat

– Turn your clients into a tribe of raving fans within 90 days or less

– How to build social media buzz and virility and receive social media and digital sales hacks

– Amplify your influence using 10 tools used by the world guru’s, celebrities and leading entrepreneurs

– Learn my 11 Ps of success only known to the worlds Billionaires

– Get my 12-month step-by-step business planner

– Have BONUS one on one time with millionaires showing you how to excel beyond your wildest expectations

– Complimentary or discount tickets to live events (excluding boot camps) worldwide

– Get Inner circle access to show you how to build a real business in half the time

And so much more…

As part of the membership, I’ll also let you join me on a LIVE coaching session once a quarter where I’ll hold you by the hand and help you implement the exact strategies responsible for my own and my client’s rapid successes.

You will also receive savings on ALL of my coaching and live events as well as my best products within the member’s area: The Sales ______ – Ultimate System, 37 Ways to Increase Your Sales DVD, Instantly Increase Your Sales in a Downward Economy – DVD Home-study course and more…

You get over $5,000 of value as a member of my Sales ____ _____ with your _______  _________ Membership.

This is why I wanted to get you this urgent message out TODAY!

It’s not everyday that you have the opportunity to receive some of the exact strategies that my clients pay me $4k an hour—for the cost of a few dollars a day. Imagine what it would be like if you could close 85% – 90% of your hard earned leads in half the time!

In fact I’m removing membership access in the next 60-minutes, but you can still join here for the next hour only.

I’m personally inviting you to this once off membership program!

We only have a few more places available for the launch price of $67—YES that’s 75% off.

Making money seriously doesn’t get any easier than this, but today is the last day it’s on at the “launch price”.

HINT—that means the price more than QUADRUPLES tomorrow to $497 per month and it will still be worth it; considering I charge up to $4,000 per hour.

Click here NOW to join


Woah! You actually found this little part at the end?  When this showed up in my inbox, I could not get past about 1/3 of it. I now still barely can read it. And to be fair to the _____ ______ Academy, they certainly might have a perfectly nice product. And it might, or might not do everything they claim it can do. A bit hard to believe honestly it can do EVERYTHING they listed there for ANYONE- like magic fairy dust- but who knows without digging a bit further, right? But honestly, I am not even inclined to want to do that primarily because I just cannot get past the wall- the blast of ego from it all.

The point of selling, and learning how to, is to learn how to cater to others. What is it that you can do to truly help someone that you are willing to accept money for and they are willing to pay you for? Very basic idea really.

But both parties have to like, know and trust the other. Did I mention that too? And this guy lost on all fronts with me. I would never pony up cash for his sales program honestly with a pitch like that. And, I wouldn’t take the time of day to investigate into it any further either. Would you?

Bottom line: Stuff like this gives the art of sales a dirty name. People LOVE to be sold to. It’s all a matter of approach and filling needs. That’s it. The system of trading value for value is the oldest game in the book. We need to remember why we take part in the game and the value it holds to us. Because you are happily sold to at least some of the time. You have experiences of buying from someone that was a real joy and actually something you really remember and treasured.

How we present ourselves to our customers does matter. Significantly. Authenticity matters. Be yourself and learn how to sell. You will be amazed by how rewarding and fun it actually is for both you and your buyer.


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Rants: And where did you stop reading in the 2nd one?

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