Properly Rebranding Your Website, Social Media Accounts, and more

Rebranding your online presence is a necessity in a scenario where your current image just isn’t working out the way it’s supposed to. Ideally, you would avoid this altogether by doing proper research before you start developing your brand, however, this can easily go wrong. There’s only so much that the research can reveal. Also, a lot of people are so anxious to get into business and start making money that they completely forget about planning for the long-run. Fortunately, it’s never too late for rebranding and here are several ideas you could consider.

Start with the survey

If you haven’t done this already, it’s always a good idea to conduct a proper survey of your online presence. What are the problems with your current brand? Why don’t people find it relatable? How does it miss your target audience? One of the things you could do is to examine some of your more successful competitors. What are they doing right that you aren’t? Stealing ideas is never a smart move but having a concept to start working towards is definitely something you could use. In other words, make sure to spend as much time in the planning stage as you need. Another mistake shouldn’t be an option.

Efficient website

When working on your website, make sure that you actually invest effort in functionality. A massive portion of your audience may leave because the site isn’t responsive enough. Now, when it comes to responsiveness, you need to accept the fact that the audience comes to you via various devices. Going mobile-first is not necessarily a bad idea but just remember that devices with larger screen sizes (desktop, laptop, tablet) yield a greater conversion rate. Speed and efficiency should definitely be a top priority.

Temporarily block search engines

While you’re handling the SEO of your website, the last thing you want is for the search engine crawlers to stumble upon your work-in-progress website. Therefore, make sure to use the robots.txt file in order to restrict their access. Just remember to revise the process once you’re actually done with this. Keep in mind that it is in your best interest to be quickly indexed but you really don’t want this to happen too quickly. Remember that you’re not making the website just for a human audience. Robot crawlers from various search engines are just as relevant.

Focus on the visuals

People need to visualize your brand in order to humanize it. There are, therefore, several things you need to check in order to do this the right way around. Being an online business is a great thing but your audience may want to see the team behind it. They might want to see the premises. On your ‘About Us’ page, you can upload an image in order to help them with their immersion attempts. In order to get the most out of it, you should probably contact professionals, experienced in taking corporate headshots. This way, you can ensure the top quality of images, which will only further increase the credibility of your website.

Go to social media

When it comes to social media, there are two things to focus on. First of all, when it comes to visuals, it is only customary that you should use your company’s logo as a profile photo. Leaving contact information is also something that needs to be done as soon as possible. Keep in mind that the way you interact with others via your social media may be more important for the identity of your brand. Sharing things regarding the causes that you strongly relate to, sharing things that your followers post and even commenting on them is one way to humanize your business.

Start a blog

Another amazing idea would be for you to start a blog, provided that you don’t already have one. This is a great way to create a platform for your content marketing campaign. Just make sure that your blog has a decent domain authority and that you can keep up with both the volume and quality of content in question. Remember that the majority of your audience might take some time to get to know you. A regular blog visitor is more likely to become a paying customer.

Scheduling and announcements

Lastly, you don’t want to shock your audience or miss up an opportunity to build up some hype around your rebranding efforts. For instance, you can schedule this for a certain date and then tease your audience. This will also allow you to preserve some continuity. While rebranding is supposed to give you a wider scope, you have some audience already. Why lose them or ignore an opportunity for them to live up to their full potential. There’s so much ahead of you and you certainly need to learn how to get the best from this opportunity.

In conclusion

While branding is incredibly important, you need to understand that there’s really more to it than just that. If your prices are absurdly high, customer experience terrible and the logistics inefficient, there’s no branding project in the world that can save you. Still, as long as you are competitive in the field, you would be surprised just how much a solid brand can do. Keep in mind that adjusting to a new brand takes time and it might be a while until you start seeing the results that you were expecting.

Properly Rebranding Your Website, Social Media Accounts, and more

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