Personal Injury Lawyers Types: What You Need to Know

In the field of law, there are many types of lawyers to help you out with different types of claims.  It is important to choose and have the right lawyer to oversee and handle your case as they can have varying levels of expertise and years of experience that can help or hinder the outcome of your claim.  


The cost of hiring a lawyer is one of the basic concerns of people who need legal help. Most injury lawyers will give you a free consultation, and rest assured that most, if not all in your area. This is crucial to help you understand what the situation and case will look like and how they plan to approach it.

Meeting your Lawyer

It is essential not only to select the right lawyer, but to see them in person as well. As qualified as they may be with their past cases and experiences, you want to be able to meet them to see what are their values and their type of character.  You want to know that your lawyer is there for you, and your family and to see what is best for your health and safety, and not just the money at the end. Can you trust them, and is this the person you want to represent you?  Are they keeping me in the loop with language I can understand? These are just a few considerations that will factor in your choice.

Types of accidents and specializations

There are different factors to consider when it comes to personal injury cases.  Such factors might include the type of injuries sustained and the causes where those injuries came from.  Some cases may be more common than others, more serious than others, or more time consuming and a longer process. Your situation will vary from case to case.  Some common injuries and accidents are listed in detail below:

  • Vehicle accident

This is the most common incident that will lead to injuries.  These types of accidents can range from minor injuries like soreness and scratches to major and more serious injuries that might involve things like your spine and brain.  It is important that when you are involved in these types of accidents you take all the precautions and follow all the procedures to properly assess your situation and have experts or professionals handle your claims or cases if they are more severe. Mobile brain injury lawyers have the expertise to help you gain the most out of the more serious claims that involve brain injury due to motor vehicular accidents.  Additionally, these professionals will have the experience needed to best minimize the time needed to handle your cases, so you aren’t worried or spending time in court when you could be at a doctor’s appointment and focusing on the healing process.

  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents

Any time you are out in public, you are at risk of injury.  The road is one of the most common places where the risks and danger is high, creating a greater likelihood of injuries and accidents even when you are not in a motor vehicle.  Walking through intersections can also be more dangerous than most think. Parking lots, as well, pose a risk with many blind spots in relation to a large number of people in a shared space.  Having an experienced lawyer to represent you in the incident involving a pedestrian or bicycle and motor vehicle can be the difference-maker in how successful your claims or defenses are.  

  • Work related injuries

Workplace accidents may not directly involve incidents with another party in the form of an accident.  Instead, accidents can occur as a result of the negligence of other parties and companies, as things like the workplace environment, tools, and people can all pose a risk of danger to your day to day safety in the form of slipping on spills, inhaling fumes from leaks, faulty machinery, etc.  Having a lawyer well versed and experienced in dealing with workplace injuries can help you feel assured that nothing will be overlooked and you have the greatest opportunity to have your health claims covered.  These experts will also understand the tactics employers may use to persuade you to alter your claims or escape certain responsibilities.  With a lawyer who has prior experience with these sorts of claims, you know their investigations will be detailed and organized.

  • Other common types of injuries

Other types of injuries can be negligence in public where properties and property owners can be held responsible for any injuries suffered, or when other parties are at fault for any injuries sustained in a public setting.  There can be varying factors that are involved in these situations and scenarios that can affect your choice of lawyer.

  • Product Liability

When the use of a certain product or substance leads to injury or illness, this can be the fault of the manufacturer.  Things like proper labeling, disclosure of ingredients or material can be life-changing, life-altering. These specific cases would be best handled by someone familiar with these types of cases.

  • Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice occurs in situations where certain procedures and protocols fail to meet certain standards and can lead to injuries or permanent disabilities, or even in the most drastic cases, death.  These outcomes can come from even the most common of surgeries and procedures. In these scenarios, having a lawyer that is well aware of different medical practices and laws will serve very useful in a variety of cases where different evidence may arise during investigations that you want to ensure your lawyer understands.  Your lawyer will be held responsible for also investigating things like contracts or even the protocols that were in place, so a lawyer with the right experience and knowledge will surely give you the most confidence in your claims.

When you are selecting a personal injury lawyer, you are not only trusting this person with the outcome of your case, but essentially trusting them with your health and welfare, and the peace of mind for you and those affected around you.  Take your time when making your considerations and do not be afraid to change lawyers if you find that they do not fit the needs you have for the claims and cases you need representation.  

Allen Brown – A keen writer covering topics such as Internet Marketing, SEO, Travel, Beauty and such. He enjoys spending time with his two kids in his free time.

Personal Injury Lawyers Types: What You Need to Know

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