Passive Income Investment Affiliate Marketing Business Ideas You Can Try

Affiliate marketing is a good source of passive income. The idea behind affiliate marketing is to promote the products and services of other people through an affiliate network, and you earn a commission if a consumer buys a product. Since affiliate marketing involves revenue sharing, choosing the right product to promote is crucial if you want a sound and profitable digital marketing business, so click here to find out more.


It’s time to learn how to choose the right products to invest in by continuing to read the best affiliate marketing business ideas below.

Ebook Affiliate Marketing Through Clickbank

Selling or promoting ebooks through Clickbank is one way to make a good flow of money for your affiliate marketing business. Clickbank is one of the most popular affiliate marketing networks hosting digital products, such as software, for sale membership sites, and ebooks. You can promote the ebooks created by other people by acting as a merchant, or you can also write your ebook and become a publisher.

Here’s how it works:

  • Product creators list the products.
  • Affiliates, like you, browse the site to search for products on Clickbank.
  • You can choose the products you want to promote on your website (as a merchant). You can also upload your ebook on Clickbank and promote it to your site (as a publisher).
  • Each product has a snippet or URL or link identifier.
  • Clickbank determines the certain percentage or commission of every sold product on your site through the snippet, so it goes to your account.

Promote Landing Page Builders

You can also promote landing page building services. A landing page builder allows non-coders to build professional-looking landing pages to create sales pages, collect emails, and more. You can demonstrate how to use a landing page builder by using it on your website. You can also write case studies to show your readers how landing page builders work. The major advantage of promoting landing page builders is that once a customer finds the right landing page builder, the service will be used for several months, which means more money or a higher commission for you.

Here are some of the most popular landing page builders you can promote on your site:

  • LeadPages: This landing page builder offers 30% recurring commissions. It also provides yearly and bi-annual options to earn potentially huge commissions.
  • BuilderAll: Offers 100% commissions for the first month. After which, you earn 30% monthly.  Also, if you refer 100 affiliates, you can join the dream car program of BuilderAll.
  • Instapage: On initial payment, you’ll earn 50% and 30% recurring monthly commissions after.

Email Service Providers or Autoresponders

Aside from goods and digital products, you can also promote services, such as email service providers that offer a good source of passive investment for affiliates. Many pay recurring monthly commissions, such as ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, and Drip, and as you refer more people or subscribers on the list of email service providers, your commission increases.

Here are the benefits of promoting email service providers:

  • High social proof: You’ll be able to see what products and services consumers are using when signing up to different email lists.
  • Easy to write reviews: You can share your personal experiences using the services.
  • Free trials: Higher chances that a prospect will try the service without risk to them.
  • Every successful business requires an autoresponder: Try Drip, Aweber, or ConverKit with a fee starter plan that pays 30% recurring commissions.

Web Hosting Affiliate Program 


A web hosting niche is a high-paying affiliate program that is easy to promote. You can write about your personal experience using a web host and its influence in promoting the latest and most innovative website designs. Also, using tools such as GTMetrix and Pingdom can show the reliability and speed of your website. Some web hosting affiliate programs offer recurring commissions, perfect for passive income because users tend to use web hosting services for a long time.

Here are the examples of web hosting affiliate programs you can try:

  • LiquidWeb: It offers dedicated servers, paying 100% for the initial monthly bill and then 5% recurring commissions as long as the customer uses the service.
  • WPX Hosting: It offers $70 to $100 per sale, which depends on the number of referrals you make.
  • Kinsta: You can earn $50 to $500 commissions (per plan basis), and receive 10% recurring commissions monthly as long as the customer uses the service.


Now you realize the earning potential of promoting ebooks, web hosting services, landing page builders, and email service providers. Aside from actual goods or digital products, promoting services make a good source of passive income because of recurring commissions for the lifetime the customer uses the service. Not bad for getting a fat check every month.  

Passive Income Investment Affiliate Marketing Business Ideas You Can Try

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