Organizations Devoted to Entrepreneurship

Looking for a list of organizations devoted to entrepreneurship? Check out these organizations.

  • Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO) is a global entrepreneurship network serving more than 500 colleges and universities, whose mission is to inform, support, and inspire college students to be entrepreneurial and seek opportunity through enterprise creation.
  • Entrepreneurship Research Institute: This institute, based at Florida Atlantic University, aims to “to foster better understanding of the various aspects of the entrepreneurial venture’s life cycle by using quantitative methods, tools, and techniques, as well as qualitative case studies that model, analyze, evaluate, and diagnose an entrepreneurial venture at various stages.” See their Publications and, in particular, their Entrepreneurship in the U.S.: 2004 Assessment.
  • eVenturing: This Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation site provides resources for entrepreneurs.
  • Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research: This site, from Babson College, provides access to a large number of papers on research into entrepreneurship, some in full text, some in summary form, presented at the annual Conference on Entrepreneurship. This list can be browsed by topic or by year presented.
  • Global Entrepreneurship Monitor: A joint effort by Babson College, the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, and the London Business School, this research program is an annual assessment of the national level of entrepreneurial activity, begun in 1999 with 10 countries, expanded now to over 30 countries.
  • National Business Incubation Association: The National Business Incubation Association “is the world’s leading organization advancing business incubation and entrepreneurship. It provides thousands of professionals with the information, education, advocacy and networking resources to bring excellence to the process of assisting early-stage companies worldwide.” See their Resource Center.
  • National Dialogue on Entrepreneurship: The National Dialogue on Entrepreneurship “was established to provide local, state, and national leaders with a roadmap of how to sustain and expand a flourishing entrepreneurial economy.” “The Commission is funded by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation.” See their Research Papers and Official Reports, and Statistics.
  • National Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers: This 57-member National Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers (which includes the University of Washington, though the link to the UW is dead) was established “for the purpose of continued collaboration among the centers. It is the vehicle by which the top established entrepreneurship centers, as well as the new emerging centers, can work together to share information; develop special projects, and assist each other in advancing and improving their centers’ impact.” See the list of Members (including the University of Washington).
  • Startup Owl – The Creative Economy: The Startup Owl is written by veteran entrepreneur, William Keyser, Managing Director of Venture Founders LLC. The focus is mainly on Business Strategy, Startup and Sustainability, but veers off into all kinds of related entrepreneurial, leadership and managerial topics.  The section on the Creative Economy provides relevant and useful information specific to the arts, but the whole site offers a wide range if information and guidance.
  • SIFE ( Students In Free Enterprise): SIFE is a global non-profit organization active in 47 countries and territories. Working in partnership with business and higher education, SIFE establishes student teams on university campuses. These teams are led by faculty advisers, and they are challenged to develop community outreach projects that reach SIFE’s four educational topics, Market Economics, Entrepreneurship, Personal Financial Success Skills, and Business Ethics.
  • Youth Venture: This organization helps to empower young people ages 12-20 by providing them all the tools necessary to create civic-minded organizations, clubs or businesses, including access to a variety of resources such as a national network of like-minded young people, media opportunities, and up to $1,000 in seed capital needed to launch their organizations.

Related Links, the official website of the National Arts Marketing Project, is a comprehensive web portal that organizes practical marketing information in a format that is easily accessible to novice, intermediate, and expert marketers alike. It serves as a resource for teachers and students in arts administration/arts management programs and for all members of the arts community, across all artistic disciplines. Through, artistic peers and marketing professionals address daily marketing needs and longer-term marketing issues:


logo-2ArtsEngine is pleased to introduce a new website designed to gather research, news, case studies, models, tools, and strategic conversation relevant to integrating art-making and the arts throughout America’s research universities:


images-1NYFA Source is a database of over 9,000 entries listing awards, services, call for entries, and other resources for artists that is free to search and use:


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Organizations Devoted to Entrepreneurship

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