One Minute of Life: Real Time

I don’t know how I got on their list and I cannot get them to unsubscribe me- Ashley Madison that is- the ‘online personals & dating destination for casual encounters, married dating, discreet encounters and extramarital affairs.’ (delete)

Not a day passes when I don’t get one of those ‘We are the government of Nigeria and we have a secret pile of money for you’ letters either. Today’s was from the australia immigration department (all lower case).

You Had been randomly Selected  for Family Resettlement program to Australia.

Your email address is among the list of nominated selected candidate for 2014 / 2015 resettlement visa program to Australia from our head of mission and we have granted your resettlement on the condition that you meet the basic requirements.

Please confirm if you receive this notice by providing the following details, so you can have the basic requirements.

Name as in passport:……………….

Sur-Name:………………… ………


Passport #:……………………….

Country of Resident:……………….

Phone number:……………………..

Current Address:…………………..

Number of Family member traveling with you to Australia:………….

Our Regard,
Hon Thomas Smith

It’s no wonder no one trusts each other really. (delete. pause.)

Last weekend a member of our community lied to me. I called her on it and she had nothing to say. But the deal was, she tried to pull a fast one on me by telling me that she did not need a security guard at her event because there were only 25 people coming when she catered for 75- and there were 70 waiting outside the building to get inside. Don’t ask me how I know. I have my ways. But at the end of the day, it’s called crowd control people. And that watches out for everybody. So why do people lie? Was saving $50 bucks worth destroying trust between us?

In the world of small business trust is ankle deep- and you wade daily. It’s always a battle down here in the muck to figure out who is telling the truth and who’s not. Does the truth really have to be so hard to find?

Today a friend of mine who got a big promotion last year got let go because now they couldn’t afford him. He called to ask advice about joining a start-up- he’ll be awesome at it if he finds someone he can trust. He is a really good guy.  I think I like him because we share this quirky interest in wanting to sincerely help people.  That’s what I day dream about mostly. People helping people in unexpected ways.  At 50, I grew up in the day when complex deals done on a handshake. Deals that involved great risk and lots of money– with people who did not really know each other but were willing to trust. I have seen enough of them in my life to know that something is wrong today. Seriously wrong.

One of my uncles built Home Depot shopping malls on handshake deals. He borrowed and loaned money exactly the same way. No MOU’s, no contracts– and no one got hurt. Well mostly. Everyone tried to protect and help each other. Backstabbers were in exile. No one needed to kill them or beat them up. Laughing at them worked well enough. Seriously. No one tolerated them.  At least no one in my family. And everyone around me was flourishing.

It was good to talk to Stacie today. Stacie completed the 1st pilot year of IAE’s program. I am so proud of her and all the progress she has made with her company FINSurFIN. She called to talk to me about accounting. I can hear her head swimming but her business is alive and she has the bug to do it. There is nothing better, quite honestly. She thanked me for helping her get started but really she just needed to thank herself for being willing to truly try. I am the lucky one- I get to see her rise.

Businesses are obsessions. They are things you adore and have to monetize to justify spending so much time picking away at them. And it’s hard to sustain a love and keep up your mojo and drive when you are not sure you can trust anybody. We must find a way to keep trust alive. Trust changes everything.


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One Minute of Life: Real Time

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