New Year Resolutions for Savvy Email Marketers

It won’t be an understatement to say that 2020 disrupted almost every perception about communication. While being distanced, the world came closer through screens. This coming year, email marketing (and almost every other form of marketing) will be reinvented and hence, as email marketers, our new year resolutions need to adapt accordingly.

A new year is a confluence between the past and the future and gives a chance to distinguish between the things that went well and those which could have been better. Since ground rules of marketing are being rewritten, email marketers need to be more resolute than ever. Hence, I present you some of the must-have resolutions that an email marketer should look for this year.

Decode your subscriber base

Being an email marketer can be a tedious task. While as email marketers, our lives largely revolve around our subscriber base, we often get disconnected with them when it comes to knowing them at a personal level. New year brings new changes and for an email marketer, the biggest of those changes should be the quest to know their respective subscriber base better.

In today’s day and age, our campaigns and more importantly our approach towards them is data-driven. We often end up assuming things about our subscriber base that might very much differ from reality.

Hence, your primary resolution this year should be to strive even harder and have an eagle’s eye on what your subscriber base thinks, eats, and shops(well, you can also explore many other aspects as well). These exercises are all about understanding your customer base better and mapping your offerings with their expectations. Remember, it’s not a one-time conquest of decoding your subscriber base, it’s a battle that you should fight on a regular basis.

And yes, if you feel like that all these ‘extra’ efforts are a big ask and you cannot spend your own time for this, then having experts help on board would be the best thing for your email marketing endeavors. Professional services like Mailchimp email experts or Marketo certified associates would not only help you understand your subscriber base better but can also elevate the overall appeal of your entire email marketing campaign.

Go all guns blazing after personalization

There’s no denying from the fact that email marketing has consistently posed better numbers than any other marketing channels (including the oh-so-prestigious social media marketing.) Email marketing not only rewards marketers with better ROI but also with the highest CTRs and engagement rates. How and why? Well, it’s simply because emails form a more relevant and hence, relatable form of communication.

So, when you are deciding the new year resolutions, it’s almost impossible to neglect the superiority of personalization in email marketing. Not only will it make your email marketing campaign way more effective but would also help you with advertising since you have access to some crucial subscriber data. And, when someone is really done with you and your emails, they can simply smash that unsubscribe button.

In 2021, personalizing your email marketing campaign is not as complex as it once used to be. Email service providers have made it all the more easier to go way beyond than just mentioning the first name of your subscriber in the subject line. The personalized touch in your emails is something that would differentiate your brand well in the sea of competitors.

Connect, collaborate and conquer

You saw this coming, didn’t you? With everything that 2020 brought along, collaboration between stakeholders and companies came out to be one of the most resilient approaches against the world wide economic slowdown. This is even more true for small businesses. The phrase, “Your network is your net worth,” hasn’t gone out of fashion and in today’s era of resurgence, it holds its value even higher.

Having said that, your network is not the number of followers on your LinkedIn or Twitter account, rather the people who are actually ready to work with you and support you. Working together with your higher-ups and even peers, for that matter, would open new horizons possibilities for your email marketing aspirations.

Your relationships in the email marketing community is the best investment you can make that would can only help you with resources but also with wisdom and thought leadership. Follow, communicate, and reach out to any one and every one you feel like in the email marketing community. Look for the virtual conferences and meetups since they are impeccable ways to escalate your ‘net worth.’

Giving back for good

Collaboration is not just your own good, it’s about the community as well. As an email marketer, you can take free online training sessions or share some of your tactics with your fellow marketers to uplift the email marketing community. Remember, email marketing has been on the path of resurgence because we, the email marketers were resolute to bounce back.

Hence, while jotting down your resolutions for the new year, do remember the greater goal of the community as well while chasing down your own personal targets.

Wrapping up

Resolutions are a very personal affair. They are about your intent and the intensity to fulfill the former. As an email marketer, subscribers and community are the epitome of success and hence, our resolutions should revolve around the same.

Author Bio

Kevin George is Head of Marketing at Email Uplers, one of the fastest growing full service email marketing agency, that specializes in professional email template creation and PSD to HTML email conversion; they are Marketo certified experts. Kevin loves gadgets, bikes, jazz and eats and breathes email marketing. He enjoys sharing his insights and thoughts on email marketing best practices on his blog.

New Year Resolutions for Savvy Email Marketers

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