Live a Niche Life and Entrepreneur The Arts

I like using the word entrepreneur as a verb. If you think about it for a moment, it works.
Entrepreneur is a French word. Entre means Enter while preneur comes from the verb Prendre, which means to take.

Enter to Take“ the Arts. Entrepreneur The Arts

(It sure does seem like the word Entrepreneur can be a verb to me!)

So if you think about Entrepreneur The Arts and what it means, my hope is to communicate to you the action in it; take the arts someplace you want them to go.

I can’t help but mention, that if you now go back and look at my logo, Entrepreneur The Arts, you will see in the white box the words Entre the are reversed out in white; on purpose. Enter the Arts to Entrepreneur The Arts. That is my message in my logo design.

In any event, one of the greatest things about the creative arts, to me, is that there are so many people I meet doing so many different and interesting things. The arts and self-expression are truly just about united as one. There are simply so many different forms, and as a result, so many possibilities to earn a great living niching the arts (ah, another new verb).

When I think of my friends; they are composers, musicians, photographers, painters and writers. I would sure love one that makes films; putting so many of the things I find interesting together.

Each one of my friends creates in a specific genre– around the things they each find the most interesting, presently, in life. Each embraces their passions and I see them thriving.

I don’t know if you have taken the time to look at the side bar of this blog, but if you have not; do. On the side bar, are other artistic entrepreneurs, like me, that have found their niche and are taking action with it! I have included them on this blog because I want you to know more about them too.

Each one of these artistic entrepreneurs leads a very interesting life and has an interesting business.

I would encourage you to look at their sites and observe just how they have knitted an artistic life by niche, to produce thrive.

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Live a Niche Life and Entrepreneur The Arts

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