Link Building: A Powerful Guide for Local Businesses

Search engines like Google continue to employ links as one of the most important ranking factors. They use links to find information about websites, and use it as a metric to evaluate the quality of the content. Because of that, link building has continued to be a vital aspect of SEO since it helps drive organic traffic.

However, link building is extremely efficient at driving more organic traffic when combined with strong technical SEO foundations, outstanding on-page SEO, fantastic content, and a great user experience.

Quality, relevance, and authenticity have never been more significant than they are today. While low-quality, spammy link-building strategies CAN be effective, they should not be used as part of a long-term organic search strategy for your local business.

This guide is created to help you understand and explore what link building is, its importance to your local business, and some of the top strategies you need to get started.

What is Link Building?

Link building is the process of establishing a connection from other websites to your own. Building links should be a priority for all marketers and business owners who want to boost their site’s authority and attract relevant traffic. But why do you need to build links?

Although Google’s algorithms are highly sophisticated and constantly changing, backlinks continue to play a significant role in how search engines assess which keywords will websites rank for.

Because links are indications to Google that your website is a quality resource worth citing, building links is one of the multiple methods applied in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). As a result, websites with more backlinks rank higher in search results.

Additionally, no matter what your link-building strategy is, it must aim to obtain local backlinks. For instance, if you’re a bike shop, you want to start writing about how to prepare a bicycle in winter — publish content that is highly relevant to your local audience.

Why Is Link Building Important For Your Local Business?

When Google scans websites, it aims to seek several high-quality inbound links. The more high-quality links, the better your website ranks in search results. And, the higher you rank, your local business will have a higher chance of increasing its visibility, brand awareness, lead generation, customer acquisition, and ultimately, sales.

The most challenging aspect of every local SEO effort is link building. You must persuade other websites to link back to your site, which they usually have little motivation to do. On the other hand, investing in the effort to obtain links for your local business definitely pays off.

Tips On Link Building For Local Businesses

Now that we know what local SEO link building is, let’s look at some basic techniques for gaining relevant local links to help your business site rank higher.

  • Create a Landing Page

The first tactic is to create a landing page for your local SEO. A local SEO landing page is a page designed to perform well in Google and is optimized for local search engine operations.

They’re usually used to promote a city or a specific geographic location for your local business. However, before you start, you’ll want to double-check that it has all of the necessary keywords, metadata, onsite content, and URLs.

  • Earn Local Backlinks

Backlinks are a form of link-building tactic that improves your local search ranking. Your local backlinks need to appear in relevant local searches, and to do this, you must set up and update your Google My Business Listing, acquire backlinks from your local paper, local business directories, or you can partner with other local businesses and sponsor charities.

  • Build Business Relationships

Your most valuable source of backlinks is your company ties. While you need quality links from them, trust me, they also need backlinks from you. To do this, make a list of all potential business partners and reach out to them.

  • Publish Local Content

Local content is extremely beneficial to your local audience. Look for topics that are both essential to your local business and the local community. For instance, if you own Doggy Daycare in Etobicoke, you could write blog posts about the best dog diets.

Additionally, if your local business focuses on local digital marketing, you can also publish blogs on advertising cost comparison for businesses that wish to pursue online advertising locally. 

  • Establish Social Media Profiles

Most internet users are using social media. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have millions of active users. This means, creating an account allows you to reach a vast audience. If you haven’t set up a social media account for your local business, now is the right time!

Don’t forget to fill in all the significant items like product and service information, location, contact number, and most importantly, your website link.

  • Leverage Guest Posting

Guest posting delivers benefits to your local business and the other business owner’s site. What you need to do is offer to do something for them that will benefit both you and their audience, rather than asking a stranger with no interest in your company to do the labour of putting a link to their website.

Create a list of all the topic ideas that are relevant to the blog’s audience and will provide a natural chance for you to connect back to your website as well. After that, you can begin pitching. Lastly, ensure to produce great content and include links from your site pages.

  • Sponsor Local Events, Local Organizations, or Local Fundraiser

In addition to building relationships, sponsoring local events and non-profit organizations will build up your brand in the community. Focusing on organizations that are all for community service is also advantageous if you own a community business. 

  • Connect with Bloggers Locally

Plenty of local bloggers write about activities to do in town or topics that are important to people in the neighbourhood. These blogs are an excellent source of local links.

Find specific bloggers in your city (like Toronto SEO writers) and contact them to see if they’re interested in collaborating. Maybe they’ll write a review in exchange for a complimentary visit to your shop, or you can arrange a partnership where they are paid a small commission every time one of their readers buys something after hearing about it on their blog post.

An Important Note In Link Building

Link building is an extremely significant part of local SEO. It can bring you plenty of benefits while putting your local business website at the top of search result rankings, where you’ll get more leads and customers. Although effective local link building requires time and work, it is simple enough to accomplish on your own. You may start getting fresh local links right now by using the tips I mentioned above!

Author Bio:

Louise shares a passion for creative writing, and enjoys being detail-oriented in her work. Working as an SEO specialist and copy editor has increased her ability to meet new challenges with an open mind. A degree in Industrial Technology (Major in Computer Technology) also made Louise “tech savvy,” and she prides herself on her ability to recognize the latest trends and technologies in the digital industry. She hopes to someday visit many of the best dessert places across the globe. She’s also a proud “parent” to five beautiful cats.

Link Building: A Powerful Guide for Local Businesses

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