Lifting off your big idea requires self-selection and collaboration

It is no easy task getting a big idea to take off. Do you know when your big idea will be ready?

Your BIG IDEA will be ready to attempt lift off when you find the right partner(s) with the right resource(s) who are able to fill in the gaps in your vision or abilities significantly. Big ideas are, well, big and as such are really hard to tackle alone. No one person or organization usually has everything they need on their own to make a visionary idea come to life.  Steve Jobs lifted off Apple with Steve Wozniak and Mike Markkula and Bill Gates found his lift off partnership in Paul Allen; both found essential relationships initially that were necessary to make their big idea truly launch.

So, how do you find the right partner(s)?

That’s an interesting question actually. It’s a lot like dating. Be willing to openly try your best to collaborate with every single potential suitor; anyone that you deem viable, to the best of your knowledge, simply because they ask you to become more involved.  When you are open to collaboration, truly, what you quickly find out is WHO actually, really, is a willing contributor. If you remain open and willing to solve problems, negotiate, meet others half-way, odds are you will eventually find the right partner(s). Until you do, expect each one you “date” to eventually become unwilling to work with you; and for some reason or another each will simply stop communicating with you and will distance themselves from you. These folks are not your true innovation partners. However, what you have just experienced, IS the natural process of self-selection. And no amount of negotiation or positive encouragement to suitors you wish would step up and collaborate ( and just won’t) is going to change this process.

What does self-selection mean?

Self-selection means that if you stay true to your vision and work smart, eventually your true innovation partners, those with the resources your big idea most needs, will self-select you.  And then they will nurture you, lend credibility to you, stick by you and then ultimately partner with and endorse you. And then, finally, your shared big idea will be ready to take flight. To find these priceless, never imagined- it-was possible, partnerships you must accept that, other than putting yourself out there and doing exceptional work, (as if this was some small task) there is little more you can do to speed up the process to find them.

What do great innovation partners universally share in common with each other?

For one, they are coachable, trainable, and teachable, just like you. They come to you, and remain next to you, openly and honestly. A true potential partner realizes in the other that together you are stronger than apart. A true partner sees you both have something to add to your shared vision and does not feel threatened or competitive with you. Both parties, in fact, feel lucky to finally have found the other.

Since most everything innovative, these days,  is built off the back of another idea, it takes truly great collaboration to make a big idea come to life. To accomplish a huge goal, all the participants must be smart enough to know they cannot accomplish this shared goal alone.  They must share in each others glory and cheer each other on, and each participant must know the value of making money.

Innovation does not happen in isolation. It happens through true, deep and meaningful collaboration amongst people with perhaps differing points of views but who share the same core values and goals in the end around one shared big idea.


About Lisa Canning

“Vowels are to words what creativity is to the world~ basic and necessary.”

Lisa Canning is the founder of IAEOU, the Institute for Arts Entrepreneurship (IAE) and Entrepreneur the Arts.

What motivates you to explore your creativity? Follow me @IAEOU


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Lifting off your big idea requires self-selection and collaboration

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