Knee Deep, Post-Traumatic Stress & Just One You

Knee Deep

Well it’s Tuesday and I am knee deep in clarinets today and I was yesterday too.  Lisa’s Clarinet Shop is a full time job I squeeze into just 2 days a week. My time is spent play testing and setting up professional clarinets for my “I just can’t get enough of the clarinet-HMMM-a-holic customers”.   Yes, we all are passionate addicts. I understand my customers quite well.

It is with a fevered pitch each and every one talks clarinet to me. Their love of the clarinet oozes out of them like puppy love actually.  It’s just my job to be there to listen and then help them find their puppy dog- the specific one they described to me. It’s a pretty awe-inspiring thing actually to get to participate in with them. I feel so privileged. I so admire their tenacity and the desire to play the clarinet that burns so brightly inside each and every one of them plain to see.

It is with joy I spend 2 full days parsing tonal colorings apart and pairing them with just enough ring, and depth and clarity to meet individual needs and fill individual holes. Who knew picking the right clarinet could be filled with such richness and complexity just like us humans? Certainly when I started selling clarinets 31 years ago, not me.

What are YOU knee deep passionately caught up in at least a few days of the week?


Post-Traumatic Stress

I have been feeling a little Post-Traumtic New Venture Stress lately.  My journey through the new venture minefield, for the IAE, I can sense is almost done. My hunch is I am close to the end which means things will soon be easier than walking the minefield. That’s where the PTNVS comes in. Let me explain.

Getting a vision to lift off the ground is a lot like walking through a minefield. Stuff blows up all the time around you quite unexpectedly for quite some time.  And sometimes-in rapid succession. And until your vision becomes a business that has everything it needs to take off– you will be in the minefield. And dare I say for far too long if you’re in the creative sector.

In the creative sector everything takes longer. I swear the guy at the edge of the Rainforest passing out machetes sees us creative’s coming and gives us the dullest blades because he figures ‘why bother’? We won’t get real far anyway, right?

And folks inside our sector are all competing for the same 4 walls of space because most outside of our space don’t want to play nicely with us- we are not taken all that seriously.  Or better yet, we are seen as too ambitious, too driven, too focused, too creative or simply unstoppable- which to a lot of people is threatening and scary so jealousy, or politics, creeps in typically. And watch out for those bombs too because they have a tendency to go off right at the knee.

You get so use to things unraveling, if you are serious about innovation, that when you eventually do find your way out of the minefield you better have stayed clean and sober so you can finally enjoy some success! Yes, success can only come when you have finished walking through the minefield. I have been walking for the better part of seven years.

And don’t think you are special and will be the lucky one to avoid it. You won’t be. If you think like that you will get blown up actually in it. So I would suggest you dance through it with a minefield map instead.

I am hoping my dance through my own minefield is almost over. From all the bombing, I am a bit shell shocked, still; I am realizing.  The bombs have stopped going off for some time now and the silence is still a bit deafening. And in all honesty?  This is usually the spot where the true life force of your vision, that you have been working so hard to have lift off, actually hands you the key to the ignition. So you have to be awake and ready to truly now begin the journey. There is plenty more work and excitement in front of you!


 Just One You

There is just one you in the world. Let your vision roar.

And as Martha Graham said There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost. The world will not have it. It is not your business to determine how good it is nor how valuable, nor how it compares with other expressions. It is your business to keep it yours clearly and directly, to keep the channel open”.

Now go use that channel- develop it and shape it into a tool that can be used to help someone. That’s what you were put on this earth for.


About Lisa Canning

“Vowels are to words what creativity is to the world~ basic and necessary.”

Lisa Canning is the founder of IAEOU, the Institute for Arts Entrepreneurship (IAE) and Entrepreneur the Arts.

What motivates you to explore your creativity? Follow me @IAEOU

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Knee Deep, Post-Traumatic Stress & Just One You

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