Independence in the Desert

I am happy to be alive this July 4th. While the world crumbles around us, from physical and economic illness, I am happy to claim my freedom on my terms.

Action. Seizing the moments. Making a plan and sticking to it. Using common sense to make the best decisions you can make. These things fuel what I believe individual freedom and the right to choose is about.

It’s up to each one of us to choose what freedom means. And hopefully we can find enough empathy in our hearts and openness of mind, to find a way to understand each others perspectives to find common ground. Even if it means agreeing to hear each other out, but agreeing, in the end, to disagree.

For me, my future freedom depends on these next 3-6 months in the desert.

I chose to spend 3-6 months away from my family, everyone and everything which is familiar, during a global pandemic, to train staff and open a new location for Lisa’s Clarinet Shop in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

It’s been thrilling, expensive, somewhat frightening and a totally bonding with others new kind of experience. It’s also been a necessary one.

The choice was to choose growth, and expand my footprint and try and find new ways to do more good for the music community we serve, or roll it up and stop because my shop had grown to the point where it required more employees and some more financial risk. The old adage ‘you are either growing or going’ is a truism. I was at a crossroads to choose one of these 2 roads.

While I clearly chose growth, the band instrument side of the music industry remains outdated in its thinking about growth and lacking in the ability to collaborate with entrepreneurs, educators, music industry insiders and consultants to help it evolve in new ways.

Much of the industry is territorial, silo’d, clickish and painfully out of date in its approach.

But when a sector, or people, an organization, your family or friends, stop you from being able to fully express yourself by throwing up barriers, you must find new ways forward to give the world what you were put on this earth to do.

Freedom to create what you see and utilize the gifts you have to prosper, is why I started this blog, my not for profit- and finally Sana Sells.

When you accept the hand fate gives you, whatever it may be–and you are willing to evolve in new ways– freedom is calling you. I wrote a story you might enjoy reading about how freedom presents itself. I wrote it 13 years ago for this blog.

To me, helping others make the visions in their heads become real businesses that support their families and serve others- is a totally freeing experience. I will sit in the desert or do whatever I have to do, no matter the sacrifice or hardship- to do this work.

Happy Independence Day.

To your highest purpose and best self,

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Independence in the Desert

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