How to Use Google Adwords the Right Way

Over the years, Google Adwords has become one of the most profitable forms of ad campaigns. It’s completely online and allows you to hound your target demographic in a way that any other form of media, such as television and radio, can’t. However, it’s not easy to use Google Adwords to run those pay-per-click (PPC) ads on our beloved search engine, Google. 

The main reason for this is that these ads have to be constantly optimized, both before and after you can finalize the campaign. Constant changes are a must based on a response from those who the ads are targeted at. 

Also, you do have to pay Google a huge amount for these ads. If the ads aren’t used to their full potential, instead of helping you prosper, it can quickly lead to a loss. 

There are certain sites that could help you out in this situation, like Google advertising made easy by Clever Ads. Other than that, we would like to offer you some tips that should be helpful in optimizing Google Adwords campaigns. The ultimate goal here is to not only gain traffic but see the actual conversion from it. 

How to Use Keywords

Fundamentally, all Google Adwords campaigns are dependent on keywords. How successful your campaign would be directly depends on your choice of keyword. Here are some best practices related to keyword usage. 

For one, your choice of keywords shouldn’t be generic but much more targeted and specific to your potential customers. A specific keyword reaches exactly those who are looking for what your business has to offer in the first place, and thus, the conversion rate tends to be high. Something like ‘20MP android smartphone” would easily have more chances of conversion than just “smartphone”. 

The Negative Keywords

Just as it is important to find the right keywords, it is equally effective to decide on your negative keywords. These are the keywords that Google would know not to show your ads for. This is especially helpful when your keywords match keywords of other businesses. While the phrases could be similar, they may actually be unrelated. 

Again, using the example of the phone. Say you’re only selling smartphones. If someone were looking for flip phones, you don’t want to appear on their search. So, you would mark flip as a negative keyword. 

Negative keywords do an excellent job of getting the users that are actually relevant to your business to you. 

Another example would be how a lot of e-commerce sites have listed ‘free’ as a negative keyword.

Optimizing Your Ad Copy

It is the content of your ad that ultimately makes users click on it. That means you need to stand out, especially when there’s a good chance your competitors’ ads would be surrounding yours. 

Some things you should keep in mind while trying to optimize your ad copy are:

Your Ad Should Be Focused On Benefits

You can easily tell exactly what a person is looking for by what their search query contains. The ones you’re targeting your ads to aren’t just searching on Google because they’re deeply curious about a subject – though there are a lot like that- but these people are looking for a solution. Your ads should have the very solution they’re looking for. 

To lure in your customers, the users should know that you are the solution they’re looking for when they see your ad. Think of the kinds of complications your potential customers can run into and then have the benefits ready in your ad copy. 

Not only should your ad copy have the answer to your user’s question, it should also come with more benefits. 

The Landing Page

This one’s simple and quite obvious. Whatever you have written for your ad copy should fall in line with what users see on the landing page of your website. If that’s not the case, not only will you lose out on customers, as they would feel betrayed, but your search ranking would also be negatively affected on Google.

Say, an ad tells you they are offering a massive discount on the said smartphones you’ve been searching for. Then, when you finally click on the ad, you see no mention of the discount, just an overpriced phone. How would you feel?

Final Thoughts

Once you figure out how to use Google Adwords to its full benefit, you will definitely see a rise in conversion rate. It helps that Google allows you to regularly check how your ad is doing and what kind of engagement you’re getting. Try to make the most of all the facilities available to you, and everything should fall in line.

By Lisa Smith

How to Use Google Adwords the Right Way

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