How to Take Your Love of Math and Turn It into a Dream Career

Do you have a love of math? Do you enjoy the simplicity of numbers and the challenge of figuring out equations? If so, it could make sense to take that love and passion for math and turn it into your dream career. They always say do something you love, and this is the perfect example of taking something that gives you joy and making it your job.

So what are some top careers that you could look into that involve your love of math? The good news is that there are some very diverse options, options you may not have even considered. Let’s take a closer look.

Research or Data Analyst – Shape the Future of Industries

If you’re looking to break into a career that is very much in-demand and going through a period of growth, then it makes sense to eye a career in research or data analysis. You’ll need to use a high degree of analytical and mathematical methods in each of these positions, as your data will be what helps to shape the future of businesses and industries.

What’s great about this job is you can work in a wide array of industries, and even open your own consultancy business if you choose. This would give you complete control over who your clients are and what industries you specialize in.

Consider a Career in Teaching Math to Others

Then there is the route of teaching math to others and sharing that passion and knowledge you have. Now clearly, this path can vary depending on the setting in which you want to teach. Let’s say you are already an academic and you’re just looking to specialize in a particular area and need to develop your teaching skills. This is when the PgCert could make sense.

Some of the general courses that you can pursue include PgCert research methods, PgCert higher education, PgCert learning and teaching in higher education, and more. It really takes what you already know and have a solid base in, and then propels you to the next level.

This isn’t a question of postgraduate vs. masters; rather, it is a whole other stream. In order to apply to a PgCert program, you will need to have an undergraduate degree in a subject that ties to the topic you wish to study in the PgCert – in this case, it would be mathematics.

Keep in mind that when you apply for one of these courses, you will need to provide your undergraduate degree transcript to prove you have the right qualifications. Typically you’ll also need a cover letter and a completed application form. These types of courses are available year-round, but they can fill up fast.

Computer Programmer – Combining Math with IT Savvy

This particular career is ideal for those who not only excel in math but have some intuitive IT skills and knowledge. As a computer programmer, it will be up to you to write and then test computer software, applications, and codes. You could be starting from scratch or upgrading existing software and systems. Again, you’ve got the flexibility to work for one company or have your own business and take on the clients you want.

The basic requirements to excel in this career are a strong handle on all the major computer languages and math.

Actuary – It’s All About Risk Calculation

Here’s another intriguing route you can take that requires a solid understanding of math. As an actuary, it will be up to you to figure out what the financial cost of a certain risk would be to a company. You’ll do this by using financial theory, statistics, and math. It can be an extremely interesting job, and typically, you’ll find yourself working in the insurance industry.

In general, you tend to work for different clients, companies, and businesses. You may be hired on a contract basis or if the company is large enough, they may bring you on as an in-house actuary.

Speak to Your Love of Math and Pursue Your Dreams

At the end of the day, figuring out what your dream career is can be a process that takes many months and years. Sometimes it takes a lot of “wrong” jobs before you become clear on what you’re looking for. Tapping into your own interests and skills is certainly a good start and can help open the door on exciting career paths.

Ella Woodward is an experienced entrepreneur dedicated to building her global reach. She loves to write content that inspires her fellow business owners and helps them to reach their full potential.

How to Take Your Love of Math and Turn It into a Dream Career

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