How to Take Your Guest Posting Strategy to the Next Level In 2020

Without any doubt, guest posting has emerged as one of the most viable link building strategies over the years. Done right, it can help you build backlinks that deliver immense quality and sustainability. Such backlinks have the potential to elevate your rankings with much less work than you would expect. No wonder, marketers and businesses are more than keen to fuel their guest posting strategy with increased enthusiasm in 2020 and beyond. Here, it becomes important to understand that this content marketing tactic has evolved over the years and you need to align with the current trends for getting the best results. Let us explain how you can elevate your guest posting strategy in 2020.

Find the right platforms to post

While you may think that prospecting the potential platforms to post your blogs may require less work, it is actually vital. The blog where you publish is, in fact, the starting point of the race. Assuming that all guest posts are equal is a wrong notion. Obviously, posting on a site that has a million monthly visitors will be more beneficial than doing it on one with a few hundred monthly visitors.

The backlink from a high-viewership blog gets greater exposure and higher traffic for your website. Simply speaking, you shouldn’t just aspire to post on a blog, but stick to authoritative ones with lots of readers. That is the only way to get the reward you deserve for the hard work invested in creating juicy, flawless content.

Prioritize relevance over everything else

Relevance has always been the key to successful guest blogging and it will be all the more important in the coming time. The logic behind it is simple- the more attention you pay to the audience, the more love you get from Google! By posting on niche relevant websites, you create backlinks that are relevant to the readers and give them a great experience.

Obviously, Google considers such links as quality links that push you up the search rankings. As a rule of thumb, don’t just get bowled by the authority and readership of a guest posting site; rather make sure that it is relevant to your business niche and target audience. Besides the relevance of the platform, ensure the relevance of the topic and content as well.

Focus on creating resource articles

While the basics of authority and relevance have to be followed to get success with guest blogging in 2020, you cannot pay less attention to the content you create for your posts. Marketers swear by the value of resource articles when it comes to getting commendable results with guest posting. A resource article tends to get a much greater number of views as compared to an average article.

Resource articles work because they deliver important information that readers are most likely to access for finding solutions to their specific problems. As a result, such posts have the potential to drive more shares, links and traffic for your website. By creating such posts, you end up with backlinks that are sustainable and strengthen your link profile to a significant extent.

Go the extra mile with content

You may have found the perfect site with high authority and relevance to your niche. And you may have a great idea for a resource article that you would want to publish on the chosen site. But honestly, that is just half the work done because the content you create matters a lot. It is best to buy guest blog posts from an expert that excels at all these aspects, whether it is about finding the right platform to publish the content, pitch them successfully or create posts that can drive real traffic to your website.

Essentially, your guest post should be informative and relevant to the reader’s intent and deliver them something of value. Good content gets you more views and has the audience hooked to your website and brand in the long run. If you really want to unlock the potential with guest posting in 2020, go the extra mile with content.

Consolidate your connections

Guest posting is a strategy based on relationships, both with the industry influencers and your audience. Your focus should be on consolidating these relationships rather than just getting more traffic and quality backlinks for your website. Strong relationships with “power bloggers” means that you will not need to work hard for pitching them time and again to get your posts published on their website.

If they trust you enough, they will be more than happy to let you share your publications on their blogs on a regular basis. Maintaining relationships is all about staying connected and visible, which you can do by liking and commenting on their posts socially and dropping mails regularly. A good outreach strategy is also important. When it comes to building strong relationships with your audience, catering valuable and informative content is all you need to do to bring them back again and again.

Pay extra attention to content promotion

You may have done everything right, from finding amazing guest posting opportunities to creating compelling content for your guest posts. But you cannot expect great results unless you have a strategic plan to promote your content. Sharing the post on social media is the best way to extend its reach and have more people reading and propagating it. Don’t forget to keep a tab on comments because they give you the opportunity to engage with the audience by replying to them.

You can go a step further with your guest posting plan by sending the site owner a thank-you note once the post is published in their blog. This will help you build and maintain good relationships, which is important as mentioned before. You can even request them to share your post on their own social media pages for an extra push.

Going beyond the conventional strategies is the only way you can stand apart in the competitive landscape. And adopting these smart tips and tricks can definitely help you take your guest posting strategy to the next level in 2020 and beyond.

Author Bio: Diana has a keen eye for the latest updates and trends in the digital universe. She has been helping her audience with her understanding and knowledge to curate a foolproof digital marketing strategy for more than a decade now.

How to Take Your Guest Posting Strategy to the Next Level In 2020

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