How To Get The Most Out Of Google Ads

Business owners who use Google Ads for advertising their products and services make a conscious and significant effort to improve their market share and increase their business. However, unless you take the necessary moves or steps to optimize your campaign and ensure that you’re getting the best value for your money, reaching your max potential and increasing your profitability would be impossible.

To help you out, below is a list of five actionable tips that will enable you to get the most out of your ads. Note that if you’re unsure how to implement any of them, it’s best to work with a reliable Google Ads specialist.

Use Google Smart Campaigns To Save Time On Campaign Setup And Optimization

The targeting options in regular ad campaigns and Google Smart Campaigns are the same. It’s just that Google’s algorithm makes most of the advanced decisions in the latter.

Smart campaigns target and optimize themselves, which is in line with Google’s goal to make advertising on their platform more straightforward for users. It’s also the feature’s most significant benefit. 

When you choose smart campaigns, Google will check your website and your Google My Business (GMB) profile. It will then automate the experience for you by creating ads based on the information it gathers. Google will pick the best placements for the developed ads depending on your business type. The best thing about this is that your campaign will consistently optimize and tweak itself based on best practices.

Another unique feature that Google’s smart campaigns offer is targeting. Business owners can let the search engine’s algorithm do the work for them instead of fudging with diverse targeting metrics, custom audiences, remarketing, and IF functions. Google will target users who the algorithm thinks have the highest tendency to buy your offer in your business’ location and category.

Utilize Ad Extensions Properly By Including A Customer Rating With Them

Ad extensions can be the difference between average advertisements and excellent ones. The good news is that you can add extended information to your ads using Adwords. Adding links is even possible.

However, because the majority of online users place value and trust on online reviews, it’s best to include a positive customer rating about your advertisement in your listed extension. This is a trick you wouldn’t want to miss doing if you aim to make the most out of your campaign.

Identify The Most Valuable Locations And Take Advantage Of Location-Based Bidding

Most business owners choose areas where their products or services are sold in setting up their ads’ targeting. There’s really no issue with that. However, sometimes not all geographic areas yield the same results, and that’s when the problem surfaces. For example, if you sell hunting equipment, there’s a higher chance to see more conversions from search engine users in rural areas where people hunt often than searchers from heavily populated urban locations.

The best thing to do is to set your view to Geographic. You can do so by heading to the dimensions tab of your account. You’ll then see a breakdown of your performance metrics by city, metro area, region, and country. The data is presented in a sortable report. Determine the locations giving your business the most sales by organizing the information by conversions.

Revisit your targeting and adjust the bid positively for each of the valuable locations you’ve identified. You can attain better visibility for search engine users looking for products within or located in your top areas when you do it. Higher bids for those locations will allow you to convert more.

Do Not Disregard Lost Impression Share

The data you can obtain on behalf of your ad campaign will heavily influence the success of your advertisements. You’ll have a higher chance of optimizing and expanding your campaign if you can collect helpful information like impression share. The metric gives advertisers the percentage of time their ads didn’t show up due to low budget and poor ranking. It may imply that you need to take action because you’re losing opportunities.

The goal is to make a robust and highly profitable campaign. With that said, you don’t want to leave out significant portions of impressions because they could assist you in achieving your objectives.

Consider Mobile

Mobile search advertising has Google as the most dominant force by far. Many reports suggest that more than half of mobile searchers call a business directly after seeing them in search results. That’s why business owners must consider creating mobile-friendly ads and mobile marketing in general.

Customers have the chance to move decisively with mobile. Many studies show that most searches in this medium result in consumers taking action within only an hour.

Failing to utilize mobile-friendly Google ads will hurt your return on investment (ROI), especially if your business offers swift solutions catering to on-the-go consumers.

Final Words

Hopefully, the discussion in this post can get you thinking about how to utilize Google ads in the best way possible. The tips mentioned should also help you maximize the exposure for your business, giving you more bang for your buck.

Theresa Marks is a digital marketing expert, helping small and medium-sized businesses kickstart their SEO and social media marketing strategies. She has conducted several webinars and live speaking engagements, helping entrepreneurs realize their sales and marketing goals.

How To Get The Most Out Of Google Ads

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