How To Dominate Online: 6 Tactics That Work For Any Online Business

Today’s businesses are faced with a difficult challenge- keeping up with competition online. Online marketing strategies are constantly evolving and it’s difficult to keep coming up with new ways of staying ahead. However, there are still some essential steps you can take to make sure your business doesn’t lag behind. 

Tell a good story

There’s nothing that social media enjoys more than a good story. People are sick and tired of the average ad format and they’re quick to pick up on marketing strategies. What you need is something that feels and looks organic enough to draw the attention of social media users. This might seem like a difficult task, but it’s something every business can do effectively.

The trick is to know what grabs attention and keeps it on the brand. It could be as simple as telling the story of a satisfied customer, but that’s something people rarely take seriously unless it’s really good. Conflict gets clicks all the time, so why not utilize it? Start a debate on whether or not your product is worth the trouble of trying. Stubbornness can definitely get people on board with the idea of testing your product or service on for size. You probably don’t have to fabricate a single claim, as there are more than enough negative internet commentators for every brand or product.

Fine-tune your Facebook strategy

Facebook has become a ubiquitous part of socializing on the internet. It’s also an essential tool for businesses to get their message across to a very large number of potential consumers. Just using Facebook for your social media strategy isn’t quite enough. You need to create an optimal environment which will attract consumers to your products.

What you need are engaging and stimulating posts that drive organic traffic. Your Facebook posts shouldn’t bait users into posting or commenting. Avoid creating those “tag a friend” posts that many Australian businesses tend to use, as the algorithm no longer favours them. Even asking for likes and similar activities should be avoided. Use good stories to get people hooked and then link them to your website. This should be more than enough to increase your traffic.

Repurpose content

There’s nothing that internet users and search engines dislike more than plagiarism. Taking content that has already been published and using it for your marketing strategy will be the bane of your business if you are ever caught plagiarizing. Search engines don’t even allow you to take your own content from previous pages, as it becomes difficult to tell which is the original source. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t utilize content that you’ve already created in new forms.

Repurposing your content is a great way to freshen up your website design and create an even more effective content strategy. You can repurpose most types of content, but written content gives you the most leeway to work with. Any quotes or statistics that you’ve previously used on your website can be reused in an infographic, without triggering negative rankings by search engines. Take a look at your list articles and use some of the listed parts as posts on Twitter. As long as you’re using a new form for this content, it should work without issue.

Target niche audiences

Businesses tend to focus on the big picture when forming their marketing strategy online. It’s all about getting to the biggest and most popular pages and using huge influencers since they reach the widest audience. While this may be a sound strategy, taking it down a notch can work as well.

Niche audiences are where it’s at currently. People might follow huge influencers and pages, but their specific niche influences them most. Users will put more trust in a niche artist or influencer. Reaching out to them could turn out to be beneficial. 

Create a user-centric approach

Your website is the key to your online strategy. All of your marketing efforts should eventually lead to your website and pages that feature your products. To attract users, you need to be able to create an attractive and sleek design that is intuitive to use. After a while, many Australian businesses lose track of this and get a little too ambitious with their websites. If your design isn’t intuitive or appealing, you shouldn’t expect users to stick around for long.

The problem that these local businesses face is the ever-dynamic environment of online marketing in Australia. Websites are constantly evolving and making way for new features, and it’s become difficult to keep up, especially for smaller businesses. Handling website and UX design isn’t a one-man job anymore. This is why businesses tend to seek help from a digital marketing agency in Melbourne for their websites. Making any significant changes should be followed by optimization to make them work on your website. Keep this in mind and your website will end up being ideal. 

Use geotags

If you’re aiming to increase the exposure of your business’s physical location, there are many online resources that can help you achieve this. Geotags are one such tool that makes Instagram one of the most valuable social media applications for businesses of all sizes. 

These tags allow users to know where your business is located after viewing a post. You can create worthwhile content that stirs up a local following, and then motivate them to visit your brick and mortar location. 


Creating the ideal online strategy for your business requires that you tackle this challenge from a lot of different angles. Utilize some of these tactics for your business and you’ll find that it’s a lot easier than you might have thought. 

How To Dominate Online: 6 Tactics That Work For Any Online Business

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