How to Create a Superior Customer Service Experience

Crafting a favorable customer experience is more than a responsible or moral way to do business — it’s smart business. According to Peter Kriss, a senior research scientist at Medallia, the difference is quantifiable. When consumers know they’ve received a near perfect customer experience, they tend to spend 140 percent more with that company.

Of course, this illustrates how much consumers value superior customer service and how they’re much more likely to buy from a company that can deliver it.

As impressive as this research is, the most amazing part is the cost. For example, companies like Sprint have found that when they get serious about providing the best customer experience possible, the cost of providing that customer care drops by one-third. Here’s a look at how your company can get started creating a superior customer experience.

Getting Started

A big part of providing a positive customer experience is by integrating customer care into typical day-to-day operations. For example, crafting rules and procedures that detail how customer service issues should be addressed, how much freedom your agents have in issue resolution, and establishing timelines for responses is a good start. These efforts illustrate the quality of care and set the pace for the standard your customers will receive. However, you will run your team ragged if you set your expectations higher than they need to be.

Customer Management and Communication Channels

In order to roll out a successful customer service strategy, you’ll need to implement some form of technology to boost efficiencies. In general, you want your customers to feel like every interaction with your company is the continuation of a previous conversation.

Thus, you’ll want to maintain a consistent image and employ team members who best represent your brand. Additionally, make it point to use technology that will allow your live agents to easily pull up and access all previous conversation and resolution histories had between you and your customers

To make this all happen, you will need to employ some form of customer relationship management software. While these software platforms can vary in overall scope, in general, they can unify all the information and interactions you have had with a customer in one place for easy reference.

Most CRM platforms also include demographic information about the customer, their order history and noted preferences, albeit it a nickname, a favorite product or other distinguishing details. This lets your interactions with your customers feel more personalized, which is a major draw for many consumers, especially millennials. You may also need to look past a standard call center and instead adopt a cloud-based call center that includes additional communication channels.

But, the real piece to the puzzle is how you optimize everything.

Optimizing Options

Artificial intelligence is changing the way companies do business. These days, modern technology in the form of interactive voice response lets you route calls and answer routine questions without ever involving an agent. In the past, this automated telephony system would instruct callers to hang up and dial a different number to reach a specific department.

While that capability still exists, many companies are switching to smarter and more efficient IVR technology that can “listen” to customer input, be it over the phone or via live chat, without the customer having to indicate a selection.

They only need to speak or type the issue they’re looking to resolve before being asked for additional information to close the conversation loop or be transferred to a live agent. Indeed, these advanced IVR systems save customers time and energy.


Bottom line: Consumers value superior customer service and are much more likely to spend more with a company that can provide it. To deliver the best customer experience possible, demonstrate customer care is a top company priority, from your policies and procedures to the communication channels you offer and the level of personalized service you provide. Start with your contact center by implementing a CRM platform with built-in IVR capabilities that can better streamline customer service.


James Daniels is a freelance writer, business enthusiast, a bit of a tech buff, and an overall geek. He is also an avid reader, who can while away hours reading and knowing about the latest gadgets and tech, whilst offering views and opinions on these topics.

How to Create a Superior Customer Service Experience

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