How to Celebrate a Business Anniversary

Starting a new company is exciting, but growing that brand into something successful is like climbing a mountain. As time marches on, you learn a lot about what works and what doesn’t. Hopefully, you learned from mistakes and are now ready to observe your progress.

If you’re coming up on a business anniversary, then it’s time to celebrate all your hard work. You’re probably looking for some unique ways to share your journey with others.

The Bureau of Business Employment Statistics reports that 20% of small businesses fail in the first year and around 50% by the fifth year. If you’ve made it past any hallmark, you can pat yourself on the back: You beat the odds. Get creative and showcase the moment. Here are six ways you can honor your achievement.

1. Host a Customer Banquet

One way you can observe a business anniversary is by hosting an event for your loyal customers. Provide a catered meal, offer some entertainment and thank them for helping you make your company a success. Do you want to reach new customers in the process? Allow them to invite one other lead who might be interested in what you have to offer. Show them what separates you from your competitors.

Dadant & Sons Inc. is a beekeeping and candle supply company located in Hamilton, Illinois. It recently hit its 150th anniversary. To celebrate, it invited beekeepers to its home office. It let them tour the companies manufacturing facility and then hosted a banquet and speaker.

2. Let Them Eat Cake

Your employees are a big part of what takes you from failure to prosperity. Celebrate the occasion with them. Order a huge cake stating the anniversary and give everyone a long break. If your budget allows, cater some delicious food for them or pay food trucks to come to the parking lot and feed them at lunchtime. Think about how you can best show your workers you appreciate all they do to improve your firm.

3. Give Something Away

Share your excitement and spread the word to new customers by offering a giveaway to mark your anniversary.

Pequea decided to honor its 50th anniversary by doing a tedder and spreader giveaway. It announced the event on its website and placed a call to action (CTA) that reads “Click Here to Enter.” For the entry form, it collected some basic information about the farm, as well as contact info. Gathering such details gives the company access to new leads.

4. Share Then-and-Now Photos

If your company has been in business 20 years or more, your audience might enjoy some then-and-now photos. The difference in the pictures shows your company’s growth and stability over time. You can show the first building you started in, such as your parents’ garage, and then place a photo of today’s headquarters beside it. You might even share portraits of your founders to show the changes in them.

The older your company is, the more dramatic these photographs will work. You could also do a timeline of events and share visuals along the way that highlight each occasion.

5. Donate to a Worthy Cause

What better way to note victory than to give back to the rest of the world? Is there a cause you believe in as a company? Perhaps you already donate to the local youth leagues but want to step up your donation to coincide with your celebration. Giving a check to a nonprofit can also result in some positive press for your business.

Decide what you’re passionate about. If you make paper products, you might care deeply about sustainability and reforesting areas where you cut down trees. If you own a small restaurant, perhaps you care about the youth in your community and making sure they have food even when school isn’t in session. Once you think through the things you care most about, it should be fairly easy to identify an organization in your community that would benefit from a check.

Capital Medical Center marked its 20th anniversary with a $2,000 donation to Behavioral Health Resources. It often donates to causes in its community related to health care. Gifting another organization shows its commitment to a healthy community and ties in perfectly to what it already does.

6. Throw a Block Party

You’ve likely heard of brands, such as beer company M.I.A. in Florida, hosting a block party and inviting their fans to celebrate. An event for the general public that introduces them to your product works well for things such as food and beverages. People love a free sample or two, so open up your doors or set up some entertainment and tents on your lawn. Invite people to partake.

Celebrating During Strange Times

Recently, the Coronavirus has put a damper on many anniversary celebrations across the country. Parties and gatherings have stopped by necessity. If you’re planning something to celebrate a milestone in your organization, have a backup plan in case the worst happens and you must cancel. You can always host a livestream party and offer online drawings and giveaways. You could also postpone your plans to a later time.

The key is to take note of your company’s growth and share that moment with customers and employees.

Lexie is a UX content strategist and web designer. She enjoys copious amounts of coffee (with a dash of milk) and walking her goldendoodle. Check out her design blog, Design Roast, and follow her on Twitter @lexieludesigner.

How to Celebrate a Business Anniversary

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