How To Become A Graphic Designer

If this heading caught your attention it is likely because you have given some consideration to following a creative profession in Graphic Design. Allow me to start by stating it is never impossible, whether you are just starting your chosen career path or are considering a fundamental change in career. With that said, while it is not impossible, it is never effortless. However, with extensive work and dedication, anything is possible. 

Going to university will undoubtedly provide you an established framework on which to sufficiently establish a brilliant career. For whatever reason, not following the traditional route of graduating with a degree does not exclude you from establishing yourself in a successful career as a Graphic Designer. With perseverance and dedication, you can utilize the vast amounts of information, easily accessible through technology and guide yourself toward a successful career.

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This is not a “how-to” article. The purpose of this information is to kick-start your creative mind and offer you some guidance on planning and research on the basics of graphic design. 

It All Begins With Planning 

I recently came across an excellent article about interview preparation by MyConsultingCoach that carefully outlines the fundamental significance and merit of comprehensive self-assessment and detailed planning. Learning your potential and working with a well laid out plan allows you to focus your actions on beginning a career taking advantage of your areas of strong abilities and skills. Your decisions and plan must be based on the right reasons. So before you set about making significant life-changing decisions, ask yourself the fundamental questions. For instance:

  • What are my specific strengths and skills?
  • What best represents my interests?
  • What training or education will I need?

What is Graphic Design?

Briefly explained, the term graphic design describes the ability to generate visual content to visually communicate. It is the skill to utilize a visual approach to solve an issue or achieve the intended objective using graphics. For example, creating content for billboards. The job itself is nowhere as simplistic or easy to achieve as this description may make it sound. 

What Skills Does A Graphic Designer Need?

This is not a thorough list of necessary skills a graphic designer needs but will give you a brief insight into the essential skill requirements.

  • Creative thinking 
  • Excellent communication 
  • Competent presentation skills 
  • The ability to visualize and communicate visually through excellent graphic abilities
  • Excellent problem-solving skills 
  • Artistic creative abilities 
  • Intellectual curiosity

How To Become A Graphic Designer

  • Start by understanding the academic and qualifications specifications. It is vital you understand the necessary essential qualifications requirements and then assess how you meet those specifications through self-evaluation.
  • Establish your particular needs in terms of training and education.
  • Comprehend the fundamental concepts that will support you to establish a successful career in graphic design. Knowing how you fulfill the standard specifications will further support your career plan. 
  • Find available training, educational, and key service providers in your area that fulfills your specifications in terms of time, academic needs and budget.
  • Look for accredited online courses.
  • Sufficiently establish a well-driven training and assessment plan. You may feel the need to find study groups, mentor or coach to help you to correctly align the focus of your career plan.
  • Properly maintain your career plan. It is vital to continuously assess and readjust your aims and goals as you advance in your vocation goals. This will enable you to continuously move forward toward your core objectives.  
  • Ordinarily, selecting the traditional route and learning graphic design and earning an academic degree can take up to anything between 4-6 years. Speak to a career counselor at a local school or university. Be sure to objectively evaluate all the possible options before planning and making decisions. 

Most importantly, do not be afraid to take on something new. Recognizing your potential and using your knowledge and skills to establish yourself in the career you envision will be the ultimate reward. 

By Karen Townsend

How To Become A Graphic Designer

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