How Outsourcing Work Can Help Your Company’s Growth

Trying to grow your business in a competitive market is difficult.

Adding on a global pandemic makes things even harder.

To scale your business, it’s important to leverage every advantage you can get.

Outsourcing is one way to get a step ahead of the competition and grow your business. Let’s take a look at how outsourcing can help.

You’re Getting a Specialist

Hiring a virtual assistant means you have the power to vet and pick a specialist that has experience in your industry and is well-versed in the tasks they need to handle. Outsourcing for a position like an office administrator, receptionist, or executive assistant means you’ll take these tasks off yourself or your employees so that all parties can focus on their more important tasks.

Outsourcing a specialist means you’ll get an expert to complete specific tasks and improve your output quality.

For example, outsourcing an accountant to review your books in detail will be more beneficial to you than having your office manager—who juggles a million other things—take a crack at it.

Since VAs and freelancers only get paid when they work, you will get more productivity and better efficiency.

Cut Cost With Outsourcing

For any size company, but especially for smaller businesses, it’s crucial to keep a budget in mind when you have your eyes set on growth.

The majority of the time, outsourcing workloads to an individual or another company will cut costs. Since they are not hired onto your company as a full-time employee, you won’t be responsible for their full-time salary, benefits, time off, or higher taxes. You won’t need to provide equipment, office space, or furniture for them either.

By saving money here, it allows you to reinvest it into the areas necessary to grow your company, such as marketing, business development, or additional training for your employees that will develop their knowledge and skills.

As your company grows and you outsource more employees, your payroll can stay consistent. You won’t have to worry about promotions and salary increases, and you will have room in your budget to hire more specialized VAs as your business needs grow.

Flexible Staffing Options

Outsourcing options make it easy to use services as they are needed. You can hire a call center company for emergency situations where your calls are heavily increased or when your business’s seasonality is at its peak.

You will have the power to cycle employees in and out, depending on the demand. When your busy season rolls around, you can outsource as much help as you need and then let them go once the busy time slows down again. Make sure you’re upfront with situations like this when you’re hiring an outsourced employee. If the position is seasonal, they should know off the bat; you don’t want to surprise them.

Outsourcing Allows You To Focus on Internal Operations

Choosing to outsource allows you to focus on internal initiatives such as branding, finances, business development, and smoother operations. You can audit your process and make changes to move things along more efficiently.

With minute tasks off your plate, you’ll also be able to develop your internal staff to obtain the skills needed for your business to grow. Continuing education is necessary to keep up with industry trends and changes.

Start Growing Your Business Today

Before blindly outsourcing work because you think you need to, it’s essential to figure out where you need help and what a virtual assistant can do for you. After finding the leaks in your ship, you can fill those holes by outsourcing.

Look for a virtual assistant specializing in the tasks you need to be completed — and at a cost that doesn’t break the bank. While your assistant helps with the tasks you can never seem to get to, you can focus on more critical initiatives like scaling your business.

Dee Hawkins is the founder and CEO of A Better Answer Call Centers. She has been the recipient of the Great Women of Texas award, several industry quality awards for each of her three office locations, and recently was honored with the ATSI Hall of Fame Award for her lifetime commitment and leadership in the call center industry.

How Outsourcing Work Can Help Your Company’s Growth

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