How Do We Create Independence? It’s time it got a little easier, friends.

This past three weeks, for me, have been full of fireworks. The bright, cheery, colorful kind.

I feel like I have finally reached the tipping point with all my various projects. Things are coming together. The elephant I have been working on I can now see has a head, 4 legs, a trunk and a tail. I finally am beginning to work on filling in his middle.  I must say, however, that I am breathing a big sigh of relief right now. I honestly began to worry that this day would never come. And that was completely beginning to stress me out this past winter. The work itself is super exciting and easy for me to spend oodles of time working on. That was not the problem.

What was stressing me out, is that I needed more help. I can do anything, I am now sure, with help. I am pretty darn good at identifying what help I need too, but that does not mean you will always get it. And that was the part that was freaking me out.

Look I know, just as you do, that everything in life is a risk. I watched some girl on Shark Tank last week get blown to bits by all the sharks for her unyielding devotion to herself and her ideas. And in all fairness, her idea was not yet making money, but I also know that money is not the entire story in building an amazing brand or scalable identity. Some. things. take. a. long. time. that. work.  And my elephant of a project is going to be one of them. I have unyielding faith and belief in the mission.

And, I would like to point out that this has been the way things are for most small business folks. Things take FOREVER for us to have things come together. It’s amazing any of us survive it, really.

Things take such an unbearable LONG TIME to come to fruition for the average ambitious Jill or Joe visionary because no one wants to support us and few take us seriously. I cannot tell you how many people, early on, fluffed me off and ignored me. And only one has given me money- The Coleman Foundation gave me $9,000.00. And friends have pitched in here and there- but the amount of begging I have had to do I have found revolting, honestly. I cannot tell you how many times I have asked myself, ‘I have the right background, ambition, and idea. Why is this taking so long to find the help I need?’ And yes, earlier on, that combination did make me defensive. I felt like I was not being taken seriously. And so I tried harder to get others to see that I was capable. But that did not help, oddly. I was told I was too intense, pretentious, intimidating or told to keep my mouth shut and be a pawn or prop to make someone else look good.  Boy, not at all what I wanted or intended to have happen.

I have known for quite some time that I have something important to contribute. I just wanted help and some support. And that’s the point, ironically, of my project. We ALL just need a more systematic, not-as-difficult-to-endure way to achieve our vision. The system is not yet working to support the feeding and fueling of a steady stream of independents creating their own job- people just like me.

What’s wrong with the system is that ANYONE, and I mean ANYONE, willing to step up and use their own money, and put their life on the line, deserves to be offered advice from experts, peer support, and classes to help them. And it all needs to be affordable. And yes, they need to be willing to receive it, and flexible enough to grow from it. But for a long, long, time- over 4 years- no one stepped up to help me. And I was totally willing to learn. It has only been in the last 4 that things have started to come together. Thank God for people like Greg Horowitt and Ed Abeyta. And it’s a good thing I didn’t try and go on Shark Tank. I would have been their dinner. Mr. Wonderful would have eaten me alive.

Thank God I was able through Lisa’s Clarinet Shop,  my own small business, to find the resources I needed. My paying clarinet customers have supported me and in turn, by doing so, this project. Without creating my own job, I would never have been able to endure or support the last 8 years of work that is now finally resulting in the launch of our digital Creative Entrepreneur Education Channel, Entrepreneur the Arts,  this fall online. Nor would IAEOU: Institute for Arts Entrepreneurship, and our accredited certificate education program, exist either.

And honestly, a lot of us Jill and Joe visionaries do not need ‘more time for our ideas to mature’.  A lot of us have ideas that simply need expert & peer support and some structure to help us establish a viable framework to make them work. Oh, and did I mention a little more than $9000 for the average main street or scalable idea? Bad ideas in silicon valley attract $500,000.

So why IS this SO HARD? Why don’t we get the support we need?

#1 We think differently. Jill and Joe visionary want to engage with human beings more than the folks who work on things that scale do- in my opinion.  We want to know people more intimately, and build stronger closer relationships built on trust, shared values and true friendship.

Secondly, we are largely unrecognized as being viable, capable and worthy.  Our skill sets are broader as is our thinking.  We intuitively know things we are unlikely to be able to easily prove. We see patterns in things broadly and see opportunities that others do not. I recognize from all of my research, and investment into 2 different kinds of IAE pilot programs over 8 years, that the majority of us are very intelligent. Intelligent enough that our quirky behavior and strange ideas are not taken seriously- and if they are understood, that they are often seen as fair game to steal instead of helping us to realize. And yet, what are we suppose to do? If we don’t stimulate the brain cells we have, and learn how to use them in productive ways, our ability to learn, grow and rise, becomes drama and our growth mindset dies.

A growth mindset- which is what Jill and Joe visionary have- needs to grow. And if we are not given the resources to help us shape our ideas, our thinking abilities have to go somewhere. And it’s not because we don’t want them to. But if so few want to help us shape them, where can our mind go but into an abyss full of drama.

Why are we not being given the resources?

From my 8 years of investing perspective, as I have been reaching into the class stratosphere for the brightest lights in society I could find who are influencing on a global scale, or have the potential to, the challenge has been assuring the average conservative, analytical minds that visionary micro (free of drama) and conservative analytical macro make a perfect pair. Why? Because Jill and Joe visionary, in many ways, are so incredibly different than the structured thinkers they need to realize their dreams. And research has proven that the greater the difference between human beings, when they come together, the greater the likelihood they can create something brand new together. All the MORE reason to bring us all together, actually.

And we have heard at nauseum that we need more jobs. Well, that quickly is changing to ‘we need more jobs that we create.’ Building your own job is Jill and Joe’s destiny, so why not create a system for helping them achieve whatever they are able to? That’s been my idea all along, frankly.

We know that having more money does not make anyone one of us better. Right? Or at least we are suppose to. It’s what we do with it  that can make the world better. And that’s where I have put my money. Into the future potential of what we all can become. More Independent. Stronger.

It’s time to help Jill and Joe visionary.

With a list like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, Mark Zuckerberg, and Michael Dell not completing college, and if your tired of that well worn list try this 100 on for size, we should all by now know that high priced education is no longer the mainstream answer to how we are going to achieve greater mass independence. We need a new structured approach that gives more visionaries more opportunity more easily at a reduced cost.

Entrepreneur the Arts will launch with its first online digital live class in October. Our full certificate program in January. Our new website and portal will launch in September. Stay tuned. This Jill is on her way to help bring more independence to others. Finally.

Wishing you all a wonderful 4th of July holiday with your family and friends. In the name of independence let’s celebrate it being time for more of it.


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“Vowels are to words what creativity is to the world~ basic and necessary.”

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Lisa Canning is the founder of Lisa’s Clarinet Shop, IAEOU, the Institute for Arts Entrepreneurship (IAE) and Entrepreneur the Arts. And now Learning Flies too.

How Do We Create Independence? It’s time it got a little easier, friends.

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