How Companies Can Reduce Their Environmental Impact

Sustainable practices can render significant rewards for both businesses and society as a whole. Taking a more ethical approach to the way you operate your company will help you stay ahead of the curve and attract environmentally conscious investors and consumers.

Additionally, your employees will feel a stronger sense of purpose and social responsibility, which is proven to help them become more productive and stick around for longer. Perhaps the most immediate tangible benefit is the money you’ll save, both in monthly bills and compliance with policies and regulations that help cut your tax payments.

With this in mind, here are some easy ways companies can reduce their environmental impact.


Encourage your employees to take public transport, carpool or cycle to work to reduce their environmental impact. If your company ships its goods, opt for rail or truck as opposed to air freight. If you don’t have enough goods for a full shipment, consider partnering up with other businesses to offset the impact and cost.

Remote Positions

Every in-house employee needs an office space with the equipment and amenities necessary for them to work effectively. These days, this is far from necessary for most businesses as technology allows employees to work efficiently from remote positions. This will improve their job satisfaction and reduce their carbon footprint from travel to work.

Energy Usage

The smallest and most simple changes to the way your company uses electricity can make a world of a difference. Take advantage of the natural lighting your office receives during the day with skylights and large windows. Educate your employees on using equipment and appliances responsibly. Even a simple reminder will go a long way.

Replace your older lights with LEDs and use sensors to have them automatically turn off when not in use. Opt for ENERGY STAR-rated office equipment and use fans to move air around your office. To save even more money, consider finding a new electricity supplier. You can find quotes for electricity suppliers in less than five minutes on Utility Bidder.

Cloud Storage

In addition to the many cost and time-saving benefits of cloud storage, it can also reduce your impact on the environment. Cloud storage services will effectively eliminate your reliance on paper and streamline daily operations. It will also reduce the need for energy-hogging in-house computers and servers.

Paper Usage

Use email to send out announcements and memos instead of papers, place handbooks and policies online, and invest in air dryers instead of using paper towels. Reuse boxes wherever possible and place recycling bins around the office for specific materials.

Opt for recycled ink and toner to reduce the amount of plastics and metals going to landfills. Set your printers to avoid color printing and if you do need to print something, try using both sides of the paper where possible. Implementing a no-printing policy will also go a long way in reducing your paper usage.

These are just some of the many ways your business can reduce its impact on the environment. Encourage your employees to find new ways to improve on this effort to further benefit your business.

Dan Cormac knows how to make his money go further. A freelance financial journalist, Dan is passionate about personal finance. Whether you hope to escape the chains of debt, to save for a house, or to retire within a decade, Dan explores the most effective ways you can achieve your financial goals.

How Companies Can Reduce Their Environmental Impact

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