How an Artistic Entrepreneur is Born

Becoming an entrepreneur is a lot more than starting a creative venture. It’s a lifestyle, a thought process, a belief that who you are and what you have to offer the world, is enough and worthy.

“Worthy of what?” you might ask.

Well the answer to that question is truly at the heart of how an entrepreneur comes into being.

If you want to be an entrepreneur you need to FIRST, think like one, and THEN act like one.

How does an entrepreneur think?

Entrepreneurs, that are successful, are people who know themselves very well and are continuously interested in knowing themselves better. They know what they are capable of, know where their limitations lie and they live with a healthy amount of self-esteem continuously.

Healthy self-esteem comes mostly from being a very aware, perceptive, intuitive person, and being excellent at processing information, both factual and emotional, and getting to its root–its bottom line- definitively, quickly and without judgment.

Healthy self-esteem also comes from healthy relationships and healthy boundaries in those that are not.

It also comes from a healthy relationship with money and its varied uses.

And a healthy self esteem is possible only when there is no “ism” in your life that becomes the sum total of who you are.

In a nutshell, when your self esteem and self awareness are working in your life, they will supply you with fuel; ideas that will come to you and that will begin to flow like a river, providing you with an endless supply of interesting thoughts and great ideas that are all around YOU, their source!

It is exactly then that an entrepreneur is made.

The longer you can sustain this state the more you embody the word.

When you reach a perpetual state of high self-awareness and self-esteem you will feel ready to act like an entrepreneur, and will naturally be ready to create an adventure to call your own.

One of the things that is so appealing about the arts, when embracing entrepreneurship, is that art in and of itself is really about the very word, entrepreneur. All creative artistic forms naturally embody, to me, all of the attributes of what makes an entrepreneur; regardless of if there ever is the creation of a business venture.

Artistic creativity is about the outward expression of the inner workings of one’s mind and heart in its most pure, clearest state. By my definition, if that is achieved, beside the artist so stands an entrepreneur.

However, where artistic types can learn, is from the moment that outward expression of the inner workings of one’s mind stops being expressed because then the art form is gone and only the shadow of the entrepreneur remains.

The Arts and Entrepreneurship fit perfectly together if the expression of the mind and heart can go on, even when the creation of the art form, you know how to create has stopped.

Sustaining that state, which offers continuous creativity to flow with no end in site, for the further creation of your art form, and for you, requires sustainability; its glue.
So how do you sustain that state?

My first book will help you explore how to create that sustainability and will explore all of the ingredients that embody its creation. As an artist, who became an entrepreneur, I can show you what I learned how to do. So if you are reading this blog, and now wondering how you can begin to “build your own bike on your own stage” begin wherever you are, by first finding in each moment today, when and where in your life, you are already an entrepreneur. Start to be aware of how long you embody the word and when it happens. What triggers it?

As you do, your awareness will grow and with that know the creation of an artistic entrepreneur has begun.

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How an Artistic Entrepreneur is Born

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