Guide to Social Media Marketing for Online Games

Social media marketing is a powerful tool for brands and enterprises across all industries, although online games can benefit more than most from the potential it offers.

That said, there are some strategies that work better than others when promoting multiplayer titles via social media. With that in mind, here is a look at the different approaches which prove most effective in this context.

Brand identity is important

Social media gives you the opportunity to solidify and codify your brand in a way that few other platforms can match. Because of this, you need to plan carefully to ensure that you not only use the right tactics to achieve this, but also aim for consistency across your social accounts to avoid seeming fragmented or disorganized.

One good example of brand building through social media comes from Casumo online casino. The fun and approachable identity that is present on its main website and accompanying gaming apps carries across neatly to its social channels, including Twitter and Instagram.

Furthermore it has multiple accounts to cater to different types of followers, including one which focuses on showcasing what life is like for company employees. This multifaceted approach to developing a brand identity and also getting across the company culture you are fostering is not just good for connecting with players, but also winning over partners and investors.

Influencers can be impactful

It is not just your own social presence that can be leveraged to market your latest online games and reach out to target audiences; influencers are especially potent in the gaming space, and also offer that opportunity for specialized engagement with built-in fan bases.

While large developers can afford to rope in major personalities in streaming and the professional esports scene to launch new properties, it makes sense for smaller brands to consider the impact of so-called ‘micro-influencers’. Even the act of giving game code, goodies and promotional perks to influencers with audiences of a few hundred can make a big difference, and assist with the organic growth of any campaign you choose to run.

This approach is partly why games like Fall Guys and Among Us were able to explode onto the scene. Building massive momentum with the help of lots of smaller influencers will also bring the big fish knocking without needing to pay for the privilege of their coverage.

Video content is vital

Online games, more than almost any commercial product, can benefit from being showcased through video clips. And social media gives you the opportunity to do this with ease, whether you are making a slow-paced co-op experience or a high octane FPS.

Once again, the aim should be to make something which is undoubtedly intended to sell your game to audiences, but which has the ability to achieve organic shareability that goes beyond the initial paid-for push.

You also need to consider how different social media platforms require their own approach, as video content posted to YouTube needs to be put together in a contrasting way to that intended for Twitter, Instagram or TikTok, for example. Limitations and trends like video aspect ratio, length and the likelihood of audio playback being disabled by default must be factored in to maximize your ROI.

Ultimately it pays to be agile when leveraging social media marketing in the online gaming ecosystem. There is so much competition, and trends can shift so rapidly, that to be anything other than fast on your feet will leave you exposed to failure, no matter how good the game you have to offer or how loyal your audience has been up to now.

Pearl Gibson – Pearl is a freelance writer who is passionate about sharing her thoughts on business and marketing. Her interests also include traveling, swimming, and sketching.

Guide to Social Media Marketing for Online Games

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