Google Trusts Older Domains More Than Newer Ones


A Domain in the realm of the digital world refers to the name of your website’s host. In a nutshell, consider that a website is a grocery store; the domain of that website would be the name of that grocery store while the URL of that site would be its address. 

One need only to take a look at the most famous websites that show up in foremost Google search results to find rather unsurprisingly how old those websites are.

Consider the famous website Wikipedia, an open source project that provides free information. It was founded in 2001, in the month of January. It is one of the oldest websites on the internet and shows up in the foremost search result pages on Google.

This goes to show how important domain age really is for Search Engine Optimization of a website, but, as has been mentioned above, the domain age only matters if your website also has been indexed with Google.

Calculating Domain Age: 

Domain Age can be calculated by online tools like Prepostseo Domain Age Checker which are usually easy to use andavailable for free.

You don’t have to put much effort to search for these tools. Just google the phrase Check Domain Age’ and the best ones of these will show up in Google’s first search page. These Website age checkers can be used find out how old a website domain really is.


Further, when a domain is registered, it doesn’t mean that the website gets automatically created, it simply means that your website has been registered with a domain name. 

After you create your website and index it with Google’s spiders, its domain age will start mattering for authority (Ranking in Search Engine Result Pages) and it will be crucial for your website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


There are misconceptions out there that the domain age doesn’t matter because, usually, the difference between a 12 months old domain and a 7 months old domain is considered very minute.

However, this does not at all mean that domain age doesn’t matter.  It actually means that new domains, even the ones that are relatively older than the newest ones, have to struggle with search engine optimization. 

Back linking and Domain Age correlation:

A very important Search Engine Optimization technique called back linking is correlated with the domain age of a website. Back linking in the context of SEO is a technique whereby a hyperlink from a different webpage is provided that leads a viewer to your website. For example, a website that is discussing motor oil and providing a relevant hyperlink that leads one back to the topic on Wikipedia. 

Now, it is not similar in essence to the domain age for SEO but it is correlated. A relatively new website would naturally have fewer back links than an older website for reasons that are obvious.

However, some webmasters try to outsmart the Google Algorithm by getting hundreds of thousands of back links to their websites in an effort to optimize their website for Google’s search engine result pages. 

This practice is not only fraudulent and unethical, it also fails to achieve its objective of fooling the Google’s algorithms that optimize websites for their search engine result pages.

Google Algorithms have the ability to track and detect such schemes and penalize the webpages, and, for what it’s worth, it’s also the most common reason why Google penalizes certain websites and web pages. 

Compensating for old domains:

So does that mean a website with a new domain has no chance? Well, certainly not. Although it’s easier for websites with older domains to rank in foremost search result pages of Google, everyone starts somewhere at some point in time and hard work is the key for every challenge.

So, if you have a website with a new domain, then the best that you can do to get started is to produce quality content on your website that is likeable, useful and to the point. 

This objective is a means to an end and the end is back linking because it is what really increases the domain authority of your website. You will be able to get back links naturally over time, it wouldn’t happen overnight.

However, if your content is rich in quality and your promotional strategy is well thought out, then it will certainly help you get on track fast and web masters will eventually start giving back links to your website that would increase your website’s domain authority over time.

Still, domain age remains an important consideration. For example, if you’re running an online business that has potential for a lot of profit then it may attract venture capital by investors who could be interested in your projects.

However, they may, first and foremost, check your domain’s age with tools like Bulk Domain Age Checker before pouring in their investments so domain age remains important in its own right and there is no shortcuts for a domain age. Aging is a natural process but when it comes to websites, be assured, it will bear fruit.

Buying older domains:

However, if time is a luxury you cannot afford then the best option for Search Engine Optimization of your website is to purchase an old domain that has a history of quality content and numerous back links. 

Concluding Remarks:

In conclusion, domain age remains an age old factor that is very important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your website. Your website is very likely to show up in first and foremost Google Search Result Pages if it has quite an aged domain. 

It takes a lot of hard-work to build a website with a good domain authority score, and one of the primary factors involved in increasing its domain authority is its domain age, and, ultimately, its patience that increases domain age.

So hang tough, work hard, produce quality content on your website, write amazing articles, upload quality pictures and videos while your website’s domain ages and rest assured, hard work and time will pay off. 

Asad Shehzad writes SEO articles for online business marketers and SEO tools users to make their Google rankings surge. His articles have appeared in a number of websites i.e., eLearning Industry, and Inside Tech Box. He contributes articles about digital marketing, SEO techniques, and tech regularly to

Google Trusts Older Domains More Than Newer Ones

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