Fun Ways to Train Your Employees

The reason why it’s so important that you make the learning experience fun for your employees is that it can help provide them with intrinsic motivation for the training that you’re about to provide them with. Also, seeing as how they’ll most likely be trained in groups, having fun with people tends to strengthen bonds with them. So, making training fun makes your team develop a stronger internal unity. Finally, seeing as how the training process is something that you’ll have to repeat over and over again, it’s crucial that your staff doesn’t dread it. All in all, here are several fun methods that you can use to train your employees.

Shorter orientation formats

One of the things that drive the majority of people away is the length of educational format. Giving someone an infographic about safety in the workplace to read is far more effective than forcing them to read an entire safety statement of your business. Sure, it contains less information, however, how many facts are they going to memorize (truly memorize) after reading 4000+ words long whitepaper? It’s even better to produce shorter orientation videos, seeing as how this format is innately more fun and more effective.

Gamifying learning experience

Another thing you can do is to gamify the gaming experience. How? Well, you introduce the point system that your trainees will get awarded for successfully completing tasks (quests) that you put in front of them. You introduce a leveling-like progression system, where each step feels like an accomplishment and allows them to both cooperate and compete (friendly competition is definitely a positive thing). Tasks themselves need to be enticing like “complete 10 sales” or even encourage them to try applying some of these things in real life.

Try roleplaying

Learning skills in a vacuum can be quite counterproductive, seeing as how the majority of your staff may find it hard to accept that this is the fact that they absolutely need to learn this. In order to contextualize the importance of this skill, you might have to try roleplaying. Another crucial aspect of this is the effectiveness of roleplay for recruitment, which can help you reveal the true character of a person who has thoroughly prepared for the traditional interview format. Overall, hiring specialists is a way to maximize the effectiveness of this effort.

Social networking builds relationships

Creating a platform where your employees can exchange their experiences during the learning process usually helps improve group unity, as well as encourage your staff to rely more on each other. Sometimes, the learning process becomes particularly difficult. Knowing that your peers are going through the same ordeal can help one push forward and even have fun while doing so. So, how do you achieve this? It’s simple actually, provided that you have an IM platform that you’re using for business (Skype, Slack, Viber, etc.) you can just make a group and encourage people to post their questions and comments there. It really is that simple. 

Insist on breaks

Ensuring that everyone is focused on the task at hand is not always easy, especially when there’s so much to learn. So, ensure that everyone is well-rested and that no one is truly overworked. For starters, you need to create a curriculum that will avoid overloading your staff with unnecessary information. By giving them too much to learn at the same time, you will create a scenario where they feel disoriented and overburdened. Also, by failing to handle all the material in question, they’ll get discouraged and their motivation for learning will start dwindling. Therefore, insisting that everyone takes regular breaks might be key in making the system as a whole work flawlessly.

Focus on web meetings

According to one study, an average office worker spends about 31 hours in various meetings every single month. Now, this wouldn’t be nearly as troublesome if the majority of these hours weren’t an unnecessary downtime. Taking everyone from their work spot is bad as it is, especially if they’re engaged in a creative process and can’t just pick up where they left off when they return. Also, you need to take into consideration that if the meeting is scheduled for 13:30, chances are that they’ll stop working at 13:25 or even 13:20 and will take just as much time to readjust. Fortunately, you can try having web meetings instead.

In conclusion

Training your team is the key component in team building. You see, as an entrepreneur, your goal is to turn your team into an effective work unit. Sure, ensuring that they have great internal relationships and even genuinely like working with each other is a positive side-effect but never your main objective. Proper education will help you achieve your primary goals, which is what makes this method completely indispensable. This way, you’ll actively contribute to the effectiveness of your enterprise as a whole.

Fun Ways to Train Your Employees

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