Five Ways to Adapt Your E-Commerce Digital Marketing Strategy to the Current Crisis

We have experienced a very drastic change in how we live our lives, habits, and routines, and our businesses have been affected by the ravaging coronavirus pandemic. Everything seems to have come to a standstill, with everyone having to maintain social distancing, stay at home, and look for other means to connect.

We cannot overstate the effect of this pandemic on businesses. Although we notice that some industries and companies have grown through this period, the experience of most other companies has been devastating losses. Therefore, it has become imperative for businesses to adapt their digital marketing strategies to keep them in the eye of their customers while also minimizing running costs as much as possible. Here are five ways from professional essay writers at essay writing service UK to adapt your digital marketing strategy through this current crisis.

  1. Be more efficient with pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns

Beyond being a possibility on paper, we have seen marketers instinctively switch of their PPC campaigns. This might work for some businesses, but not all. If your business relies on PPC campaigns to get customers, it would be very detrimental to pause it then. That will harm your business even more. This pause will also lead to an increment in your cost per click (CPC) whenever you decide to restart the campaign because then it has to go through another learning phase. So, it would be best if you continued running those PPC campaigns. Just make sure that they are more efficient.

The fact that many businesses are cutting down on their digital marketing gives you an advantage because you can make more profit from better click-through rates (CTRs) and cheaper cost per click (CPC). In the long run, your CPC gets lower, and your quality score increases with better CTRs. Being efficient with your PPC campaigns means that you have to:

  • Focus on your most sought after product.
  • Cut budget for keywords that relate to nonessential products.
  • Invest in keywords that can help bring in more conversions.
  1. Connect with customers through email marketing

With everyone having to stay at home, people have been trying to connect with others through different means. You also need to make sure that you remain connected and in touch with your customers. One of the best ways to create this connection and still try to support your sales is through email marketing.

  • If you have products essential for your customers throughout this current crisis, you can promote them through email marketing and explain how they can use the product effectively.
  • Inform the customers about your pre-order campaign, which allows them to pay for a particular product now to be received at some point later. With this, you can more easily forecast your demand and get advance payment, which can help you cover the present financial needs.
  • For people on a waiting list, send notifications about the availability of the product they want when it becomes available. With this, you can build an email list that will be useful in future campaigns.
  • Share media, products, and ideas that complement your services and products with the customers. This can help to engage them for a while and keep them active and happy as they stay at home.
  1. Ensure organic visibility

As much as possible, you must ensure that you have organic visibility throughout this period. Your SEO strategy is supposed to be a long term strategy, so it is something that you continue to stick with even through periods like this. Another reason you should continue to stick with your SEO strategy is to continue to adhere to the basics of digital marketing, and you don’t end up straying too far away from changes that might be necessary for your SEO strategy due to constant tweaks in Google algorithm.

  1. Contribute to social media

Social media is the go-to place for many people to keep themselves busy and while away time during this period. This increased social media availability is an opportunity that you can take advantage of. Here are five ways from the best writing services to help you take advantage of social media during this crisis.

  • Make your customers feel better connected by creating customer communities where they can ask questions and get help.
  • Provide constant information for them that can be useful for them throughout this period.
  • Please give details of how they can use your services or products to solve the specific problems they are facing during this period.
  • Celebrate those customers that have been using your service or product and also support others.
  • Share materials that are positive and entertaining to help them through these hard times.
  1. Share positive stories about your brand through journalists

There has been a massive media campaign about the coronavirus pandemic since it began. With many people at home, there’s more time to watch and listen to TV stations and other media outlets. But amidst the sad news of the rising number of cases and uncontrollable deaths in some regions of the world, people crave some excellent news. You can take advantage of this through essay writing reviews to pitch positive stories about your business to journalists which they put out to the people. Show them ways your company has been helping out during this period and the smile that you have brought on people’s faces. Information like this will warm their heart and will likely win over some new customers for your business. This will also help you to reach out to millions of people at the same time. This might be a hit for you at the end of the pandemic.


There really is no fixed date for this crisis to end. So, while it lasts, we have to find means to adapt our businesses and digital marketing to fit into the current crisis and help the business survive this period. The strategies in this article are essential for your digital marketing strategy through this period.

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Piter is a professional essay writer and blogger from Manchester. He works at a research paper writing service where he is tasked with providing constant assignment help.

Five Ways to Adapt Your E-Commerce Digital Marketing Strategy to the Current Crisis

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